March 11, 2014

Phoenix Blood: A Will Castleton Adventure by @davidbainaa

Phoenix Blood: A Will Castleton Adventure
David Bain
"Phoenix Blood" gives a glimpse of Marshal Will Castleton's life before the events of "Island Ghosts". Castleton is tasked with escorting Karen Owlett(she also appears in Death Sight) to a federal trial, where she's set to take the stand as a witness. The Marshal's 'slightly physic' ability kicks in and soon he is in pursuit of a blood covered madman, with the witness in tow.
For those new to the Will Castleton adventures, he is a Federal Marshal that has visions of people being murdered , etc. He didn't ask for the gift/curse, but when it happens he has no choice but to act. The timeline of the Will Castleton stories is all over the place(the author admits this in his notes about the books.) While some may find this confusing, if you stick with the stories they all make sense.

Like the author's previous forays into the life of 'Slightly Physic' Will Castleton; the action and plot move at a steady pace. Readers see the world from his perspective, putting us in his shoes; letting us ride along.

"The first is that you can rest assured I am a consummate professional, and I will protect you with my very life, no questions, no hesitation. The second is that I know you slept with Marshal Cummings. He disclosed this information to me – bragged about it, in fact - just moments before he died." 

The build up of tension leading to the confrontation is executed with skill. The way clues from the vision are entwined, and integral to the search is another detail that I really liked.

If you like great mysteries with a splattering of paranormal then "Phoenix Blood" and all other Will Castleton stories are a must read.

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