Behind The Mask

horror author pic

I'm a nerd and proud of it. I love all thing nerdy and horror. Whether it be movies,games,art, or writing; I'm interested in it.

I'm a writer. Authors such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz inspired me to be creative with my words. As a kid I would get lost in there worlds. I would become their characters and in return that would inspire my own bits of writing in poetry and stories.

Today authors such as Terry M. West, Wesley Thomas,DS Ullery, Craig McGray, Tim Miller,and Michael K. Rose give me hope and inspire me as King and Koontz once did. It is my hope that I can get my own works of fiction published and strive to be as good as they are.

I'm an artist. As with writing, I feel at peace when I'm creating. Digital or physical medium; it doesn't matter. I get lost in the process.

I'm a Geek. For me the words geek or nerd are terms of endearment. I wear my geek badge proudly. I'm constantly playing with tech and love all forms of technology and gaming.

As the saying goes, 'I have many irons in the fire'. I'm constantly making art, increasing my knowledge of programming languages, and of course writing. I have a collection of poetry and flash fiction in the works, which I hope to self publish.

I also read and review books here on the blog. If you are looking to have your book,game,movie,or product reviewed; feel free to contact me. If it's tech or horror related i'll give it a chance.