June 9, 2015

Puzzleman @BlackCabProds


Author: Christopher Alan Broadstone
Publisher: Black Cab Productions
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Puzzleman by Christopher Alan Broadstone
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A young sculptress despondently searching for understanding after the tragic death of her infant son...
A professor of history and a beautiful French vintner, still longing for the love they shared during World War II...
A legless man seeking retribution and escape from a horror worse than death...
A retired detective itching to get back in the game...
Disparate lives, yet each meticulously woven together over time to play a special part in the Puzzleman’s twisted vision of eternal life.
Into the black Cathedral Fleur du Sang and into the pipes they must go –– into a terrifying world of grumemonsters, where the inaccuracies of accepted history and the gruesome future of mankind are laid bare.
For Amanda Zimmerman, Professor John Rainbow, Jeannette Orfèvre, the legless man, and Detective Ben Henfry, the Puzzleman is a personal demon awakened into a living nightmare –– and it’s up to them alone to wage their fight for sanity and salvation. A fight that swells into a harrowing escape, spanning two continents and the supernatural perversion of time and dimension. Welcome to the Pipeworld.
Welcome to truth and eternity.
Welcome to the world of the Puzzleman.

As a reader, I often come across some books that astound me. Books that take me months to finish only to pick it up again to get lost within the world and characters. "Puzzleman" by Author Christopher Alan Broadstone is such a book. This review is months late because the prose is meaty and full of depth. I tried reading this while other things in my life were distracting me which left  the book feeling disjointed and confusing. If I were to review it based on that first read it wouldn't be a good score but the book and author deserved more so as a reviewer I pushed other books back in the queue and started it again.

I'm glad I did.

With no distractions, I was able to delve deep into the author's work feeling every intricacy within the plot, characters, and setting. His characters come to life, even if you would rather them not, and some will leave you squirming.

"Puzzleman" is a multi-layered  engrossing read that demands your attention.

June 8, 2015

Car Nex: The Mighty and The Merciless @terrymwest

Car Nex: The Mighty and the Merciless

Author: Joseph Ramshaw
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc
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Car Nex: The Mighty and The Merciless

A blonde-headed space-warrior, a cold-hearted female assassin from the Wild West and a teenager who can bend and reshape the fabric of reality walk into a brothel. What happens next? In ‘Car Nex: The Mighty and the Merciless’, author Joseph Ramshaw ponders that question in a bloody, action-packed tale inspired by ‘80s monster movies and the old Toho Kaiju films. You’ve seen The Avengers in action, you’ve thrilled at the heroics of The Justice League, now prepare to meet… the Face-Punchers, a foul-mouthed collection of the world’s most deadly heroes, each with their own unique powers and skills to bring to the party. When an old enemy of the Face-Punchers’ conjures up a ferocious demon to destroy the world and its so-called heroes, it’s up to them to put a stop to it. And there’s only one way to stop a demon… with extreme violence! Heroes? Perhaps not. Face-Punchers? Hell yeah!

Terry M. West's demon is fast upon us yet again in another adaptation. Author Joseph Ramshaw takes the Car Nex and pits it against a ragtag bunch of heroes. There's so much going on in this one and the author's inspirations are clear but they never hinder or over power the beast that is the Car Nex. It's action packed, humorous, and full of fun moments that sucks the reader into this world filled with vibrant and gritty setting and characters.

It's hard not to picture this group as being an Avengers like group and again I like the charm and wit included but in the end does it live up to the vision of author Terry M. West?

Without a doubt "Car Nex: The Mighty and The Merciless" is a perfect adaptation for the beast and a exhilarating fun ride for the reader.

June 6, 2015

Interview with Horror Author Wesley Thomas and a Unleash The Dead giveaway! @WesJThomas @SamieSands

I had the pleasure of taking a moment to talk to horror author Wesley Thomas. He's a great rising author among the horror genre and an awesome person in general so I hope you enjoy the interview and the author's past and present works.

Also The Geekdom Of Gore is hosting a giveaway via Rafflecopter. The winner will receive a digital copy of the zombie anthology "Unleash The Dead" featuring awesome shorts from a multitude of authors including myself. Feel free to enter the contest via the Rafflecopter app below and continue reading for the interview.

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Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

WT:  I am a British horror author, currently living in America. I also review movies and books for a horror website, I have my own business where I promote for authors, and I work for a small UK based business where I am the head of marketing. I love all things horror (movies, TV, books) love to blog, enjoy keeping fit, I love travelling, and enjoy quality time with my family and friends.

You've been busy as of late, with your promotion service, writing great books and other things. With your busy schedule how do make time to write?

WT: Well, I am very organised, that helps. I dedicate time every day to a little promotion (for me and my clients), communication, writing articles for my blog and reviews for a horror website I work for, and keep reserved a few hours to write my horror fiction. I think it's all about time management and being very self-disciplined. Which can be difficult, but the trick is to stay motivated! And drink coffee!

For me the best horror is rooted in reality. Do you get your story ideas from real events and/or life experiences?

WT: Absolutely. I can sit in a coffee shop and just people watch. I would act as a director, and try and cast these people in a horror movie. Which then helps me come up with believable characters in my own books. In terms of the antagonist/s in my fiction, I simply soak up as much horror culture as possible, and ideas always seem to come easy to me, fortunately. It is my perfectionist side that gets in the way by yelling at me. 'Has this been done before? Is it really your greatest idea for a book? Is it bringing something new to horror readers? Does it have multiple appeals?' and so on.

Out of your work which do you feel is your best?

WT: That is a hard one as I feel each of my books have a different appeal to a slightly different audience. For example my most recent horror collection 'What Goes Bump In The Night?' is great for the horror addicts who love short stories and has done very well on the bestseller chart. But for the horror/thriller readers who prefer slightly longer books, with more of a backstory, I would say 'Rose's Thorn'. In my opinion, I think the best of my work so far is 'Rose's Thorn'. As it is not just mindless horror, it has serious themes and issues, as well as a complicated backstory, and even emotional scenes.

If you had to choose your best mainstream horror author and self published horror author, who would you pick and Which work of theirs would you recommend?

WT: My favourite mainstream horror author would have to be Richard Laymon, even though he is no longer around. And I would recommend 'Island' from him. And the best self-published horror author, in my opinion, is Cindy Hernandez. She is incredibly talented and has produced some diverse horror collections, as well as full-length novels, each terrific, creepy and haunting. The book I would most recommend of Cindy's is 'A Jar Of Fingers', the first in her new series, which raises the bar for all horror authors, including myself.

As a fellow horror fiend, what do you think is missing from horror that was present in the genre in the past?

WT: That is a very good question. And there are many possible answers. But I am going to have to say the issue with modern horror, whether in books or movies, is originality. There are thousands of horror books and films, so many ideas have already been tried out. It takes a great deal of effort for authors and script writers to produce original, fresh content. Because as you well know, the horror fanbase is a very hard one to please. I think remakes are becoming silly now, especially when they literally just remake the original movie take for take, rather than bringing something new to the table. Both writers and directors need to spend more time and energy on coming up with revolutionary and never-been-done-before material, rather than wasting finances and resources on hundreds of remakes. I'll admit that some movies do benefit from remaking, to appeal to a wider audience, to keep horror movies strong, and remake the film using the modern technology that wasn't around decades ago. However, for the most part, it is all about making money.

What was the last horror movie you watched and what did you think of it?

WT: The Poltergeist remake. It was an okay movie, the effects were better than the original. But it felt rushed and lacked the magic of a horror movie. It was remade scene for scene and brought nothing new to the series. It is watchable, but don't expect anything unique and ground-breaking. But that is just my opinion.

Are you a gore-hound or do you prefer more atmospheric horror?

WT: I kind of like a bit of both. I love all sub-genres within horror. I love gory, graphic, gruesome, but equally adore chilling, haunting and mentally disturbing.

Fans and fellow authors can guest post on your blog. Do you mind talking about that a bit?

WT: Sure! Basically, I want to help new authors promote their writing and work. Without the help I had in my early self-publishing days, I wouldn't be an author today. So I want to give something back to the horror/publishing community. I will feature their short horror stories, horror articles, reviews of their work, anything horror-related or that gets their work out there to my readers/website viewers.

What projects are you working on at the moment and future projects that your fans should know about?

WT: I have four upcoming books that I have been working very hard on, with my talented proofreaders/editors. I have a mystery/horror novel that will be sent to traditional publishers very soon, I have the next two books in the Frightful Tales series, one is almost ready, the other will be a later release in 2015, possibly early 2016. But the next book I will be releasing will be another horror collection due out in July 2015!

Would like to thank Author Wesley Thomas for taking time out of his busy schedule to allow me the interview and I'd like to thank Samie Sands for providing the giveaway prize!
Author Wesley Thomas Bio: Published 2 novellas, 1 novel, 2 short horror story collections, Amazon bestseller in five categories, 1 short story published in a horror anthology, 1 short story featured in Horror Zine's latest magazine (print and digital) several radio interviews and national/local paper interviews, Twitter interview live from NYC, Novel featured in Scream (British horror magazine), contributor for horror website horrornovelreviews.com, and several published blogs.

June 4, 2015

WYH Recap: 03/19/2015 The Void @withoutyourhead

Tune in to Without Your Head Horror Radio - Live Thursdays
Recap of Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie on
by Vic Schiavone

Hosts Nasty Neal and Annabelle Lecter welcomed Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, writers/directors of the upcoming horror/sci-fi film “The Void”, to Without Your Head Horror Radio to discuss the new movie as well as some of their previous projects for Astron-6.

Highlights included the following:

WYH:  “The Void” seems like a more serious movie when compared to some of your previous work.  Why did you decide to do a serious horror/sci-fi film?

JG:  “We’re fans of that kind of stuff and we’ve been making comedy horror things for ten years at this point, so we thought it might be fun to try something new.  And we have done some less comedic things over the years, even if you look through the Astron-6 stuff there’s some not so funny movies.”  

SK:  “We spent enough time talking about making a legitimate horror movie, we thought it was time to actually try and dive into one.  That’s where “The Void” came out.”  

WYH:  With “The Void”, what do you think you’ll be delivering to fans in the horror world that they might not be getting otherwise?

JG:  “Well, I would say we are pretty confident that we’ve got something good.  We’ve been working on it for a couple of years here and there so it’s been a long time in the making and I think we’ve got an atmospheric, kind of surreal creature effects horror movie.”  

  SK:  “It’s really like a good culmination of everything we like about horror movies crammed into one movie.  You’ve got creatures and atmospheric, all sorts of different horror tropes that people like but I think with our own creative spin on it, so I think there’s going to be a lot for people to sink their teeth into.”  

WYH:  You put a high bar out there for the level of special effects (creatures) you’re working on by drawing inspiration from several classic films.  What can you say to people about those inspirations and where that will potentially go in the film?

SK:  “I think beyond just the design of the creatures themselves, it’s also a wave filming these creatures that I think has been lost in the past twenty years of film-making.  With the advent of CG, HD, and different styles of filming, nobody does atmospheric creature stuff anymore.  It’s like everything is played either in a silly comedy-horror fashion or it’s something that’s all CG that isn’t quite as convincing.  I’m sure you guys have seen the remake of “The Thing”, which is not even remotely as effective.  So, I feel like aside from just the design of the creatures themselves, really it’s how they’re presented that’s the most important part.  I think that’s bringing it back to a more 70’s and 80’s fashion of shooting that I think we haven’t seen since then.  That’s the important thing that we’re bringing to the table.”

WYH:  Do you think that HD is a reason you haven’t seen a lot of practical effects/creature movies in modern days?

SK:  “It just goes back to the way things are being shot now.  It’s more about capturing the information and doing it in post.  Everything these days is about designing and making all these effects after the fact as opposed to building them beforehand and then everything’s there…Now they just show up with a tennis ball on a stick and it’s “We’ll put a thing in later.”…  That’s just the style of filmmaking; it’s not really conducive to that style of creature movie.”

JG:  “I think the world of color timing and stuff has also affected that because things are shot as bright as possible so they can be taken down later during color timing, and I think it all just comes down to how you shoot it.  If you watch “Alien” in HD, it still looks incredible and you’re not seeing anything that they weren’t intending you to see.”

Other topics discussed included:
  • Do they think that there is a revolution in horror due to all the Independent films being released?
  • What are their thoughts on remakes in general?
  • What are some points of pride in their careers in terms of the art that they’ve produced?
  • Have they had any negative feedback about their style of humor because of some of the dialogue in their movies?

For further information about “The Void”, go to : https://www.facebook.com/TheVoidMovie 

You can listen to the interview via WYH or Youtube

Be sure to check out the WYH Facebook Group and join in with Neal, Annabelle, and the rest of the headless ones.