November 3, 2016

Raven: An E-Short Story by Amanda Lee

RAVEN: An eShort Story

Author: Amanda Lee

Publisher: Vicious Ink Publishing

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At thirteen, Raven Bain, who many thought was racist against his own people, became angry with revenge after he watched his mother take her last breath hanging from a tree. The crime was theft. She had stolen food to feed her children. It enraged him because the Mayor was involved.

The Mayor of Kosciusko, Mississippi was an African American man that hated anyone who didn’t play by the rules. Therefore, he took the law in his own hands whenever he felt he could get away with it. Everyone feared Mayor Austin and the repercussions he enlisted, and because of that, crime was low, until Raven decided it was time for them all to pay for their sin of killing his mother.

Raven’s mind was gone, and the crimes he committed were extremely violent. The lasting memory of his mother with a noose wrapped around her neck, fueled his desire to kill. No one was safe from Raven!

“Raven: an e-short story” by  author Amanda Lee is filled with rage and hatred. Revenge can consume you if it’s given a chance and the titular character rams himself head first into the gullet of revenge. Raven gives in to revenge. It consume and changes him into a living monster.

October 27, 2016

Baker(Demons and other Night Things) @TerryMWest

Baker(Demons and other Night Things)

Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc
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Baker Johnson is a psychical researcher, demonologist and exorcist living in 1930s New York City. Brilliant but deeply flawed, Baker has an otherworldly perception that allows him to read people with but a glance. In "A Weird Tale" (the story begun at the end of Night Things: Undead and Kicking), Baker is summoned to Providence by dying author of the macabre, H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft makes a confession that threatens Baker's life and sanity.
In "A Fiend's Errand", Baker is approached by a dangerous mobster known as Johnny Stücke. Baker's black room, a place where haunted items are cataloged and kept, holds an ancient item that Stücke is determined to possess. Baker is introduced to the secret society known as the Night Things. And he may be the only thing standing between the world of man and the most dangerous threat it has ever known.
Also included are the previous Baker Johnson tales, "The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed", "Servant of the Red Quill" (with an introduction by Paula Cappa, author of The Dazzling Darkness), and "The Dark Alp".
Critically-acclaimed horror author Terry M. West continues his Magic Now series with this collection that introduces Baker Johnson to the Magic Now universe.

Also included: an exclusive preview of the next Night Things book, THE HORDE FREQUENCY.

October 22, 2016

Frightful Tales 3: Where does Crazy Start? @WesJThomas

Frightful Tales 3: Where does Crazy Start?

Author: Wesley Thomas
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Terry has suffered from insomnia for many years; he has tried everything. Tony, his best friend, is determined to find a cure. This leads them to a mysterious clairvoyant who is new to the area. She has a rather extreme idea of how to cure Terry’s insomnia. Which begs the question: is it worth the risk?
The Frightful Tales series is a collection of horror novellas, each based on real Urban Legends. From the eerie, chilling and horrifying! Each book tells of a myth originating from the United Kingdom.
The Frightful Tales books(#1 Rose’s Thorn, #2 He’s Watching Me, and #3 Where Does Crazy Start?) by author Wesley Thomas are each based on a myths from The United Kingdom.
In this book we are introduced to Terry, a poor soul that hasn’t had a normal sleep in decades due to insomnia that comes in the form of brutal and bloody nightmares. He has tried every medication and so called cure but nothing has eased it. His best friend Tony believes he has found someone that can help; A clairvoyant new to the town. Is Terry ready to accept the risks that comes with this possible cure?

September 8, 2016

Erteisia: Ultimate Sacrifice(Volume 3)@lindaolofts

ERTEISIA: Ultimate Sacrifice (Volume 3)

Author: Linda Lofts-Wiles
Publisher: Sunshine Press
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There have been massive upheavals in the universe caused by Orion’s domination over humanity. Eons of bloody and brutal warfare between Orion’s Ch’hogs and the vulnerable yet determined humans have ravaged the planet Earth to the brink of destruction. 
Orion’s second in command, the ruthless henchman Xag, will not rest until he has achieved complete annihilation of the human race. Far from Earth in deep space Sianna’Q and the inhabitants of planet Utopia have watched this conflict unfold throughout time. 
Finally the moment has come for intervention and the newly initiated warrior Sianna’Q departs Utopia and descends to Earth, spiralling through the time-line into the mists of unknown history. Isolated from the people of Utopia by the ravine of time Sianna’Q must defeat Orion and the blood-thirsty Xag. Her journey takes her through time and throughout the universe, bringing her into contact with amazing and unique creatures and places, including the Time Maestro - the keeper of all that is known and forgotten. 
And yet Sianna’Q is never alone in her struggle, connected to her home planet Utopia in ways yet fathomed by even her advanced kin.
Today I’ll be reviewing  Erteisia: Ultimate Sacrifice(Volume 3) by author Linda Lofts-Wiles. I was asked to read and give an honest review of the book. While the horror genre is my preferred reading material, I do dabble in science fiction and figured I’d give it a try.
I’ve never heard of Mrs. Lofts-Wiles or her books but from the blurb I was interested to see what this title was all about.