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August 26, 2014

Gruff123 by @DSULLERY


Author: D.S. Ullery
Length: 9760 words
Price: Free

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a sadistic high school bully seeking revenge against the anonymous individual who humiliated him online gets much more than he bargained for when he discovers the horrifying secret behind the screen name Gruff123.

Gruff123 is a short story that deals with school bullying. It hits a familiar tone with all the the school shootings and the much needed spotlight on bullying that is going on. The author's method of dealing with the bully in this story is a gory, effective, and entertaining.

His writing style is easy to follow with vivid descriptions and good characters. While Gruff123 has a suitable moral I wouldn't recommend letting younger children read this as it has violence and adult themes.

For horror aficionados like myself, I highly recommend reading this story. The author is one to watch as he has the skill and potential for big things.

August 24, 2014

IFC's film Cam2Cam Invades The Crypt @fearthecrypt

For Immediate Release


September 20, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) IFC MIDNIGHT'S new film CAM2CAM invades Eli Roth's The Crypt App ( Starting September 21, 2014 The Crypt will be featuring exclusive clips, photos, contests and more from the film. This also includes special appearances by director Joel Soisson as well as other possible cast and crew.

Crypt users (#cryptfamily) will be able to interact with the filmmakers, watch exclusive clips, enter contests, and interact with other users and talk about the film.

CAM2CAM will also be featured on The Crypt's social networks such as Vine and Facebook throughout the weekend.

Don't be left out! come celebrate this exciting new film with The Crypt.

About The Crypt
The Crypt is the first interactive mobile horror app and your one stop shop for everything horror. Watch streaming horror videos, browse through the work of special makeup FX artists, read exclusive interviews and reviews of the latest horror films and best of all, showcase your love for the genre. Use the 'hang' button to submit your own article, photo or video and have your creation personally viewed by acclaimed horror filmmaker Eli Roth! This is your chance to share your passion and knowledge for horror with the most devoted horror community in the world. Just remember one thing. Don't. Close. Your. Eyes

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August 13, 2014

Heroin In The Magic Now @TerryMWest

Title: Heroin In The Magic Now
Author: Terry M. West

HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW takes place in an alternate version of NYC where every form of monster exists next to man. Gary Hack, a down on his luck porn director with an appetite for heroin, finds himself working in the dangerous world of monster fetish videos.

Gary is made an offer he can't refuse by Johnny Stücke, an immortal crime boss. The video Johnny envisions could be the greatest zombie fetish film ever created. But it could also ignite an apocalypse that could destroy the city.

Author Terry M. West has created an unnerving horrific masterpiece. From the opening lines to the final sentence, the characters and the world lingered long after I finished reading. The author used his past as a fuel for this raging tale and it pays off big time. Never have I read a story where I emerge feeling dirty yet enthralled; wanting more.

Gary Hack is a complicated character that I despised and yet felt remorse for. He just wants to make great movies and be respected by colleagues and fans alike, but his addiction has a firm grip and refuses to let go. He, the seedy setting, and secondary characters all belong within the pages of the tale and nothing seems out of place or contrived.

Fans of Mr. West's work or newbies alike will be hard pressed to find a better reading experience than Heroin In The Magic Now. It's a must read and I can't recommend it enough.


August 11, 2014

Occulus(2013) video review

August 6, 2014

Disease by @RealMonsterHaus

Title: Disease
Author: M.F. Wahl

The zombies have come, and the world as we know it has forever changed. In the wake of the apocalypse, pockets of the living fiercely fight what could be a losing battle against unending hordes of hungry undead.

In this nightmarish world Casey, a young woman armed with nothing more than a baseball bat and her courage, tries to keep nine-year old Alex alive. Alex doesn’t speak; seemingly trapped with his own thoughts. Casey finds it hard to tell how much he understands.

While searching for food they run into a patrol from a nearby settlement based out of what used to be a luxury hotel. The patrol’s leader, Danny, offers them shelter. Despite Casey’s misgivings, night is falling, and they are out of options.

They reach the hotel where they meet the settlement’s ruler, Lot, an older woman who seems matronly and tough in equal measure. She takes an immediate interest in Alex, and invites them to stay.

If only Casey could know what Lot has in store for them…

"Disease" is another entry into the zombie/apocalyptic subgenre. While it seems the market is over saturated with zombie titles,I cannot get enough. Most zombie titles rely on gore alone to entertain. It's the few titles that find a perfect balance of gore, characters, setting, and plot that hook me. "Disease" is one of those select few.

The author focuses on layered characters that have depth and remain realistic with a plot that while basic still holds strong. Scenes of gore are featured in this work, and while vividly described it's not the main drawing feature of the story.

Alex, Danny, and Lot are three intriguing characters that could carry their own stories and I hope they are developed and their pasts explored in the future book releases.

If you're a fan of zombie fiction be sure to check out "Disease: Book 1" when it's released September 18th 2014.