July 27, 2015

Nightmare Fuel @WesJThomas

Nightmare Fuel: The Ultimate Collection of Short Horror Tales

Author: Wesley Thomas

From the author that brought you the bestselling horror collection 'What Goes Bump In The Night?' comes his latest collection of short terrifying tales.
"Dim the lights, pull up the covers, and get ready to be scared! These wickedly delightful tales are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!" - Paula Limbaugh ***** 
From malicious spirits, horrifying witches, frightful ghouls, demons, creepy nuns, psychos, sinister voices, strange artifacts, scarecrows and irrational fears. This collection of short horror stories and flash fiction has everything for the avid horror reader. 

I'm back with another great collection of short horror tales by author Wesley Thomas. I've reviewed some of his previous work and in my last review I said that his writing continues to impress. Nightmare Fuel is another step for the author up the ladder to becoming a legend in horror fiction.

Stories Included in this collection:

  • The Journey – Jan has the ride of her life, quite literally. 
  • I Sentence Thee To Death – Mel discovers that what her family used to say about her ancestors as a child are in fact true. 
  • Wealth Comes At A Price – The rich aren't immune to the Grim Reaper. 
  • Someone's Had Their Crazy Flakes – Anne wants to get revenge on the Doctor who had her committed, but just how far will she go? 
  • Sleep (Flash Fiction) – Susan and Mike wake up to an uninvited guest in their bedroom. 
  • There's Something In My House – Moving into a new house always has its complications, especially when there are evil spirits roaming the halls. 
  • Itch (Flash Fiction) – Will made a huge mistake. 
  • Missing – College kids are going missing, so Rachel decides to find out who is taking them. 
  • Scarecrow, Scarecrow – It lurks in the cornfield, watching, waiting, scheming. 
  • Vengeance – A babysitter gets more than she bargained for. 
  • Hide – When a demon is coming after you, is there really anywhere to hide? 
  • The Traveller – A young man flees the law, but soon wishes he hadn't when he faces something far more terrifying. 
  • The Change (Flash Fiction) – It's coming. He can feel it. 
  • The Haunted Church – Sins always catch up to you. 
  • PLUS and Exclusive snippet of  Frightful Tales, Book Two, 'He's Watching Me'.
I love reading collections because no matter what you are sure to find something you love. I may have not liked all the stories included here but the ones I did like out weigh the bad. I shouldn't say that some are bad because they are not terrible. The stories just couldn't grasp my attention. It happens but those same stories could be the ones that draw in someone else.

Another big draw for me is the fact the author includes a variety of stories. Sure they are all all horror, but they range from different styles and different antagonists which keeps the reader alert; not knowing what to expect. With these collections for me it is easier to rate each story then average the score for a final rating.

           STORY RATINGS

  • The Journey---> 4 Skulls
  • I Sentence Thee To Death---> 4 Skulls
  • Wealth Comes At A Price---> 5 Skulls
  • Someone's Had Their Crazy Flakes---> 3 Skulls
  • Sleep (Flash Fiction)---> 3 Skulls
  • There's Something In My House---> 4 Skulls
  • Itch (Flash Fiction)---> 3 Skulls
  • Missing---> 5 Skulls
  • Scarecrow, Scarecrow---> 4 Skulls
  • Vengeance---> 5 Skulls
  • Hide---> 4 Skulls
  • The Traveller---> 3 Skulls
  • The Change (Flash Fiction)---> 4 Skulls
  • The Haunted Church ---> 5 Skulls

So yeah be sure to check out Nightmare Fuel and all of the author's other works as his work continually impresses me.

July 26, 2015

Turning Face @TerryMWest

Turning Face

Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc

Tojo Smith has a serious problem. He is the number one heel for a small wrestling promotion in Texas. He is also an earthbound demon and his mission is to inspire hatred in people. This is his service to the greater evil. But suddenly, the wrestling fans start to cheer for Tojo. He goes from the most hated villain of his promotion to the most cheered antihero. And no matter how loathsome his actions in the ring become, his popularity soars. When Hell notices this imbalance, Tojo is given an ultimatum: get the hate flowing again or be sent down into the fiery pits!

I have always been a fan of wrestling. I remember watching it with my grandfather as a child and as I grew older I submerged myself into the sport. Years passed and the business changed and I grew tired of the big companies story-lines and general staleness; so I quit watching. Enter author Terry M. West's Turning Face.

Turning Face places a demon in disguise into the wrestling business to spread hate. Tojo serves hell well as the ultimate heel in a local independent promotion. It's apparent as you read that Mr. West is a true fan of the sport and knows the inner workings of the business as well. While this is based on a wrestler, you don't have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this great read. It is full of action and horror that you expect from the author.

For fans of Mr. West, you will discover couple of familiar faces while reading which adds to the story and is a nice inclusion for people who have read his other works. It is a quick read that entertained me and ultimately got me back loving wrestling. If only the current promotions lived up to that of the story.

July 25, 2015

Full Wolf Moon @KLNappier

Full Wolf Moon 

Author: K.L. Nappier
Publisher: Aisling Press

 **I received a copy of this book for an honest review** 

 Taking place in an internment camp during WWII in California, The story follows the camp director, a Native American healer, and an Army officer as they search for and survive a menacing threat stalking and killing residents at the camp

 Full Wolf Moon is the first of a trilogy. Overall the book makes for a suspenseful read full of twists, engaging characters, and exhilarating action. The author also throws in some romance which is not done in a heavy handed fashion and adds to the characters involved. There is also a good dose of blood and gore, but again it's not over done so those weak of stomach should still feel quiet at home with this read. 

 The only complaint I have with the book, is the fact that I encountered several typographical errors. I haven't seen these mentioned in other reviews so it could be a printing error; so these will not be factored in my final rating. 

 K.L. Nappier takes the werewolf genre and spins it within a historical event and makes it suspenseful and entertaining. I'm not a history buff by any means and this book still managed to grab me and keep me hooked.

June 9, 2015

Puzzleman @BlackCabProds


Author: Christopher Alan Broadstone
Publisher: Black Cab Productions
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Puzzleman by Christopher Alan Broadstone
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A young sculptress despondently searching for understanding after the tragic death of her infant son...
A professor of history and a beautiful French vintner, still longing for the love they shared during World War II...
A legless man seeking retribution and escape from a horror worse than death...
A retired detective itching to get back in the game...
Disparate lives, yet each meticulously woven together over time to play a special part in the Puzzleman’s twisted vision of eternal life.
Into the black Cathedral Fleur du Sang and into the pipes they must go –– into a terrifying world of grumemonsters, where the inaccuracies of accepted history and the gruesome future of mankind are laid bare.
For Amanda Zimmerman, Professor John Rainbow, Jeannette Orfèvre, the legless man, and Detective Ben Henfry, the Puzzleman is a personal demon awakened into a living nightmare –– and it’s up to them alone to wage their fight for sanity and salvation. A fight that swells into a harrowing escape, spanning two continents and the supernatural perversion of time and dimension. Welcome to the Pipeworld.
Welcome to truth and eternity.
Welcome to the world of the Puzzleman.

As a reader, I often come across some books that astound me. Books that take me months to finish only to pick it up again to get lost within the world and characters. "Puzzleman" by Author Christopher Alan Broadstone is such a book. This review is months late because the prose is meaty and full of depth. I tried reading this while other things in my life were distracting me which left  the book feeling disjointed and confusing. If I were to review it based on that first read it wouldn't be a good score but the book and author deserved more so as a reviewer I pushed other books back in the queue and started it again.

I'm glad I did.

With no distractions, I was able to delve deep into the author's work feeling every intricacy within the plot, characters, and setting. His characters come to life, even if you would rather them not, and some will leave you squirming.

"Puzzleman" is a multi-layered  engrossing read that demands your attention.