August 19, 2015

Bitten: Book II(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy) @KLNappier

Bitten : Book II(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy)

Author : K.L. Nappier
Publisher : Presse Libertine
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Book II of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy picks up eight years later. Max & David are now hunters, stalking the ancient werewolf's lineage where ever it emerges. But nothing they have experienced before can prepare them for where this trail leads. 
Author K.L. Nappier returns with Book II of The Full Wolf Moon Trilogy. Bitten follows Max and David as they follow and hunt down the ancient werewolf's bloodline. Both characters, Max and David, work well together and have great chemistry together. Thanks to the author's vivid descriptions and engaging plots I followed along with their travels and tribulations.

The dialogue within the book was inconsistent. It wasn't terrible but some conversations felt dry and boring. Unlike the first book where I had no trouble with the dialogue. There were no spelling problems or typographical errors this time which I found several in the first book.

The story continues from the first book and ultimately leads up the final book Chosen. Things aren't ended neatly here so if you prefer all your stories to have clear endings then maybe this isn't for you. But if you like horror or werewolf fiction you should give this trilogy a chance.  

August 13, 2015

Car Nex: Trailer Park @TerryMWest

Car Nex: Trailer Park

Author : Shaun Hupp
Publisher : Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc
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If you think tornadoes are rough on trailer parks, imagine what a tornado with claws, fangs and a hunger for human flesh could do! David Richard Morgan is an angry and bitter man who discovers an ancient incantation and uses it to unleash the monster known as the Car Nex upon his ex-wife and the other residents of the Pleasant Palaces Trailer Park.

**I could have sworn I posted this review a while back, but unknowingly to me blogger didn't save it**

Author Shaun Hupp brings another incarnation of Terry M. West's Car Nex to life. There's so much to love about the Car Nex as a character and each author in this series has provided new, entertaining, and horrifying takes on this beast.

An angry man uses an incantation to unleash the ancient evil to destroy his ex-wife and other residents of the Pleasant Palaces Trailer Park. Once unleashed the beast tears through the trailer park with one intention.

Mr. Hupp brings what we all love about the Car Nex beast while infusing it and the story with his own style and twists. His writing doesn't feature any fancy prose but it doesn't need it as his dialog is crisp and characters are believable and enjoyable.

Car Nex: Trailer Park shouldn't be just read; it should be devoured.

August 12, 2015

11:34 @LMarshallJames


Author : L. Marshall James
Publisher : Highwater Publishing
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11:34 by L. Marshall James
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11:34 is a horror compilation featuring 1 novel, 1 novella, 3 novelettes, and 4 short stories that will lead you through dark passageways of horror, dread, and suspense into worlds where not every question is answered and not every answer is what you want it to be. If you discover what happens at 11:34, you might wish you hadn't.

11:34 is a jam-packed collection of fiction consisting of short stories, novelettes, a novella, and a novel! That is a lot of bang for your buck, considering the author could have released these separately.

The collection consists of:

  • The Haunt - Brad begins to suspect that someone is playing pranks on him. Is he beginning to lose his sanity or is something else amiss? 
  • Revolution - presents us with the interview of Blake Homestead, an eccentric billionaire with a strange worldview and a bold plan for the future.
  • Speck - begins innocently enough when part of a mountain glacier breaks away and begins to melt, unleashing its ancient contents onto an unsuspecting world.
  • Toe - an old man goes fishing and for the life of him, he cannot fathom what he reels in. 
  • Darker - is the diary of Bella Darnell, a woman who hears a name that triggers a meltdown. To find out what the name means to her, she'll have to delve into a past she had long forgotten. 
  • Hammer and Nails - shows us life at the bottom of the barrel. 
  • 11:34 - an old woman appears in a young girl's home, every night at 11:34. How did the woman come to be there, and what is her purpose? 
  • Null - the crew of the spaceship "Athena" have been tasked with a mission of discovery that takes them to the edge of the Milky Way, to an unexplored planet named "Cardinal."
  • The House of Allure - presents us with a futuristic version of our world in which personal computers are integrated into the bodies of most first-world citizens, and brothels are as common as restaurants. This story is told mostly from the perspectives of Tad Barlow, an introvert and virtual virgin, and Symphony Rains, a long term brothel girl. The paths of their lives are separate, but they converge in spectacular fashion!
As you can tell from the list of stories, there are varying genres and plots to explore that share a similarity. They all take you through the darkness.

My favorites in this collection are "Null", "The House of Allure","Darker",and "Toe"
Overall "11:34" is good read with solid entertaining writing.

4 Skulls

July 27, 2015

Nightmare Fuel @WesJThomas

Nightmare Fuel: The Ultimate Collection of Short Horror Tales

Author: Wesley Thomas

From the author that brought you the bestselling horror collection 'What Goes Bump In The Night?' comes his latest collection of short terrifying tales.
"Dim the lights, pull up the covers, and get ready to be scared! These wickedly delightful tales are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!" - Paula Limbaugh ***** 
From malicious spirits, horrifying witches, frightful ghouls, demons, creepy nuns, psychos, sinister voices, strange artifacts, scarecrows and irrational fears. This collection of short horror stories and flash fiction has everything for the avid horror reader. 

I'm back with another great collection of short horror tales by author Wesley Thomas. I've reviewed some of his previous work and in my last review I said that his writing continues to impress. Nightmare Fuel is another step for the author up the ladder to becoming a legend in horror fiction.

Stories Included in this collection:

  • The Journey – Jan has the ride of her life, quite literally. 
  • I Sentence Thee To Death – Mel discovers that what her family used to say about her ancestors as a child are in fact true. 
  • Wealth Comes At A Price – The rich aren't immune to the Grim Reaper. 
  • Someone's Had Their Crazy Flakes – Anne wants to get revenge on the Doctor who had her committed, but just how far will she go? 
  • Sleep (Flash Fiction) – Susan and Mike wake up to an uninvited guest in their bedroom. 
  • There's Something In My House – Moving into a new house always has its complications, especially when there are evil spirits roaming the halls. 
  • Itch (Flash Fiction) – Will made a huge mistake. 
  • Missing – College kids are going missing, so Rachel decides to find out who is taking them. 
  • Scarecrow, Scarecrow – It lurks in the cornfield, watching, waiting, scheming. 
  • Vengeance – A babysitter gets more than she bargained for. 
  • Hide – When a demon is coming after you, is there really anywhere to hide? 
  • The Traveller – A young man flees the law, but soon wishes he hadn't when he faces something far more terrifying. 
  • The Change (Flash Fiction) – It's coming. He can feel it. 
  • The Haunted Church – Sins always catch up to you. 
  • PLUS and Exclusive snippet of  Frightful Tales, Book Two, 'He's Watching Me'.
I love reading collections because no matter what you are sure to find something you love. I may have not liked all the stories included here but the ones I did like out weigh the bad. I shouldn't say that some are bad because they are not terrible. The stories just couldn't grasp my attention. It happens but those same stories could be the ones that draw in someone else.

Another big draw for me is the fact the author includes a variety of stories. Sure they are all all horror, but they range from different styles and different antagonists which keeps the reader alert; not knowing what to expect. With these collections for me it is easier to rate each story then average the score for a final rating.

           STORY RATINGS

  • The Journey---> 4 Skulls
  • I Sentence Thee To Death---> 4 Skulls
  • Wealth Comes At A Price---> 5 Skulls
  • Someone's Had Their Crazy Flakes---> 3 Skulls
  • Sleep (Flash Fiction)---> 3 Skulls
  • There's Something In My House---> 4 Skulls
  • Itch (Flash Fiction)---> 3 Skulls
  • Missing---> 5 Skulls
  • Scarecrow, Scarecrow---> 4 Skulls
  • Vengeance---> 5 Skulls
  • Hide---> 4 Skulls
  • The Traveller---> 3 Skulls
  • The Change (Flash Fiction)---> 4 Skulls
  • The Haunted Church ---> 5 Skulls

So yeah be sure to check out Nightmare Fuel and all of the author's other works as his work continually impresses me.