July 4, 2012

About the Stars, About the Rain by @davidbainaa review #BuyIndie

Title: About the Stars, About the Rain
Author: David Bain
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Format: E-book
Length: 30 pages
Price: $0.99

"About the Stars, About the Rain" was one of the stories by David Bain I hesitated to buy and waited a bit. The description on amazon didn't interest me, but I realized I couldn't go wrong with a story by Mr. Bain, so I made the purchase.

A married couple on the edge of the Big D decide a camping trip is just what the family needs. A powerful storm, a toy van , and recollections of the past turns a much needed vacation into an an imaginative adventure.

While not up to par with "Weed: A Green River Crime Novella" , "A Pleasure to Burn" and other of Bain's popular works; it holds it's own. I have read it twice and each time my opinion on what really happened changes. I won't delve into that because it would require spoiling the story. Have a read for yourself and come to your own conclusion but either way you are sure to enjoy it.