July 5, 2012

I Saw the Devil(2010) review

I Saw the Devil(2010)
Director: Jee-woon Kim
Writer: Hoon-jung Park
Stars: Byung-hun Lee|Min-sik Choi|Gook-hwan Jeon
Genre: Thriller

"I Saw the Devil" centers around the cat and mouse chase between Soo-hyun (Byung-hun Lee), an agent (in what I believe is similar to the FBI.) and Kyung-chul (Min-sik Choi), a psychopathic serial killer. The chase is personal for Agent Soo-hyun because his pregnant fiancée is the latest victim.

Before I begin I need to clarify that I'm not an expert  in foreign cinema. I have watched the mainstream films that made the spotlight here in America such as Battle Royal, Ringu, Ichi the Killer, and Audition. That is as far as my knowledge of foreign cinema goes but this movie can be enjoyed by anyone that likes disturbing thrillers.

Min-sik Choi plays the  crazy killer perfectly. The scene with him in the cab is one of my favorites.It's ruthless, bloody, and just down right brutal. !!CHILDREN SHOUT NOT WATCH THIS!! It is disturbing and graphic with strong sexual themes and violence.

The violence isn't the selling point. For me the story is the main draw with a nice mix of action and suspense.But if blood and violence offend you, stay far away from this film.

I watched a dubbed version and in some scenes the voice overs were so over the top and funny that  I would find myself laughing at scenes that I shouldn't have but that is a minor point.

The final scene of the movie is one that lingers and leaves you slack jawed . I would go  as far to say it is unforgettable.

"I Saw the Devil" is now on my top twenty favorite movies.