February 3, 2013

Interview with Author Craig McGray @craigstrispot

With the release of  "The Somnibus Book II – The Six Stones", I took a  minute to interview the author Craig McGray. Hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to check out Mr. McGray's work.

Interview with Author Craig McGray

How does it feel to have your work published and available for the world to read?

It's tough to explain the feeling. Writing is something that I've always enjoyed and now that I know others are reading my work, I get nervous when I put something new out. I'd be a fool to think everyone is going to like everything I put out, but it would be nice. I never know what to expect from readers, but I am learning to expect the unexpected as far as reviews go.

Especially in the horror genre, it's tough because what shocks some, may not shock others while the same material can utterly offend another reader. It amazes me when I read reviews, not just of my work, but of many horror books, and the reader complains about the gore and violence, or the bad langauge. Give me a fucking break. If someone picks up, or downloads, a book with a cover and/or blurb clearly marking it as a horror theme, you aren't really allowed to knock the author for being offensive, in my opinion.

Some people get mad over an event that never even happened, it's fiction and I don't think you can get pissed and label me as a dog killer if I write about doing it in a book, unless it's a how-to manual ;-)

Sorry I got off track. A shorter answer is it feels great to fulfill a dream by having others read my work and hearing that my writing caused a reader to feel, smell or taste something, but I also get nervous because I know there will be some who don't like it and no one likes rejection.

What was your main inspiration behind the Somnibus books?

I had a sort of vision of what I wanted the Somnibus to be like. It changed as I put the story together, but I really like how the story came out. I wanted to write something that had a bit of horror with a paranormal element to it. I wanted to create an environment that would make the reader feel and smell something while they were reading it. In creating the world the Somnibus live in, especially in Book II, I really made sure I could feel and smell the awful things I described in the story. I hope I've suceeded in making them out to be the vile things that I saw in my vision. In my opinion, they are a miserable bunch that I wouldn't want to meet up with.

Looking back, is there anything you wished you could have added or removed from the first book?

There is a love interest introduced in Book II that I really had fun writing. Maybe I should have brought Becca into the story a little earlier. I could have used her to torture Michael a little bit more. Women are good at causing us to do stupid things that may get us into trouble. Maybe I shouldn't let my wife read this interview ;-)

If you could collaborate with any famous author( deceased or living), who would it be?

Lovecraft and Poe. Without hesitation, they would be my first choices.

What are your top two horror movies of all time?

Hmmm. Well one of my all time favorite movies is Seven, though not a true horror movie, the psychological aspect and the gruesome shit in the movie made it stick with me. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has to be one of them as well. I went to see the new 3-D version and wasn't sure I'd like it, but I actually enjoyed it, though not nearly as scary as the original. There are a ton of other movies, so it's hard to nail down just a couple.

Seven is a great movie and the Texas Chainsaw 3D remake was decent. I wish Bill Moseley was in it more though.

Before I let you go, is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

I just want to thank you for taking the time to have me. I know how squeezed for time we all are and I appreciate it. As far as readers go, just thanks for picking up my work. Knowing that so many people are reading my work, makes me want to get better with each book. I never want a reader to look back after finishing one of my books and think it was a waste of their time. Also, please remember, whether my work or another author, taking the time to leave a review for an author you enjoy can make a world of difference to the author. I know it does for me. Thanks again for having me!

The Somnibus: Book II - The Six Stones
Somnibus Book II: The Six Stones Michael Black struggles to master a power forced upon him after the callous murder of his mother. She     left him in possession of a mysterious stone, a trace, which contains powers more volatile and dangerous   than anything he was led to believe.

The Somnibus, vile creatures previously restricted to tormenting Michael in his dreams, have found a way to send one of their own into the physical world. Now, they search for six powerful stones that will unlock their rotting prison, releasing them to unleash hell on the living as retribution for their imprisonment. Michael's trace is the last piece of the puzzle.

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I am an author writing horror, and paranormal stories. I pass the time training for triathlons, and spending time with my wife and 2 beautful daughters. I write stories with my 8 year old, and have some of the best moments of the day in that time. A child's imagination truly knows no limits.

I am honored when I learn that someone has taken time to read my work. I am even more blown away when they seek me out to let me know how much they enjoyed a story.

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