March 9, 2014

Blood From The Underground Anthology

Blood From The Underground: Anthology by Infernal Dreams
Elizadeth Hetherington|Vance Hetherington
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Blood From the Underground is an anthology consisting of all stories found in the annual downloads in parts I, II, and III. Infernal Dreams presents "Blood From the Underground" as a proud collective of unique and outstanding stories from various authors and artists of horror. There are twenty-four stories with varying subjects and graphic content.

"Blood from the Underground" is a collection of 24 shorts by various authors.
  • "Hacked: A Take of Dark Justice" by G.L. Giles
  • "A New Toy" by James Patrick Riser
  • "Inherit Disease" by Elizadeth Hetherington
  • "The Old Boy" by David Dunwoody
  • "Siamese Blood" by BellaDonna Drakul
  • "Forsaken Dreams" by Edwin Ong
  • "The Customer is Always Good as Dead" by Josh Felty
  • "1,000 Drops of Blood" by Eric Enck
  • "Pieces of Grandma" by Reaper M. Jones
  • "About Warren" by David Dunwoody
  • "Organic" by Daniel Emery Taylor
  • "Appetite" by Vance Hetherington
  • "Fluid" by Elizadeth Hetherington
  • "Tiffany" by James Patrick Riser
  • "Gonzo" by G.L. Giles
  • "Akuma" by Josh Loomis
  • "Big Blue Sky" by Nenad Stakic
  • "Soft as a Scream" by Jerry Williams
  • "The Details of Blood" by Robert Freese
  • "Eye Man" by Jessica Lee
  • "Touen" by Dave Wolf
  • "Faggot Alley" by Reaper M. Jones
  • "Trepassing" by Kristin Theckston
  • "Survival of the Lowly" by Lucas McPherson
I love reading anthologies and short story collections because you can experience works from a range of different styles by several authors. As far as anthologies go this is a decent collection with my favorite stories coming from authors David Dunwoody and James Patrick Riser. Their stories are brutal, bloody and fun to read. The same cannot be said for some of the other stories.

Some of the shorts are shorter excerpts or chapters from longer pieces and feel disjointed and lacking. The four stories from Mr. Riser and Mr. Dunwoody are the stand outs in this collection and worth the cost.