March 9, 2014

Cecil and Bubba Meet the Thang by Terry M. West

Cecil and Bubba Meet the Thang
Terry M. West
Price: $2.99

Cecil McGee and Turner “Bubba” Teague are back again still plagued by a gypsy curse. The two southern slackers were first introduced in "Cecil and Bubba Meet a Succubus", a short story in the Author's first collection "What Price Gory?".
The loveable Texans run into an old friend while trying to save their town and world from a recent awakened evil. Annoyed and tired of the curse they hope their old acquaintance can remove it, but first they have bigger fish to fry.

I fell in love with Cecil and Bubba after reading their short story in "What Price Gory?" and constantly find myself going back and reading it. They are so much fun, and I can relate to them. Living in the South I know a few people who fit the Cecil and Bubba characters to a tee, so that helps.

"Eat my pussy, Bubba!” 
"I’m sorry, come again?” Bubba said, craning his head nearer to Lydia, one of the dancers at the Busty & Lusty strip club. It was loud in the joint and he had obviously misheard her.
The author keeps the story moving with witty dialog and fun action scenes. I recommend this and other Cecil and Bubba stories to all horror fans. If you know someone that is hesitant to get into the horror genre, introduce them to Cecil and Bubba.  As a writer, Terry M. West is plowing full force into the horror genre; making him a must read author!