March 8, 2014

Ugly/Beautiful by Sean-Paul Thomas

Sean-Paul Thomas
Price: $2.99

Jason a tormented soul and womanizing gangster, does a runner with a suitcase full of drug money after an earth shattering tragedy which rips his world apart. Running for his life he disappears into the heart of the gorgeous Scottish highlands to lay low in a secluded cottage before plotting his next move.
On his second day of hiding Jason discovers the mysterious body of a young and hauntingly beautiful woman lying unconscious at the bottom of a hill. The woman has no memory of who she is or how she ended up there. So Jason carries the beauty back to his cottage and tenderly nurses her back to health.
Jason soon gains the woman's trust and friendship by confiding in her his own personal past sins and infidelities. Deep and soulful confessions he'd never told anyone before, especially a woman. Eventually, Jason coaxes the woman into unraveling her own eerily forgotten past and tormenting mad nightmare visions of terror... But doing so without the hindsight of the chilling, sickening acts of horror which are about to be unleashed.

A great book can stop the world and suck you into the moment. It can grab you by the balls and squeeze without mercy or wrap you up in warm tender memories.

In the beginning I expected to hate the main character. After all he's a crook and murderer, but somewhere within the pages I began to feel sorry for him. I'm not saying he's a good guy, because well he's not. He makes a choice in the heat of anger that haunts him; even as he runs away from it and his past.

Haley is a beautiful woman that Jason comes upon. She can't remember anything about herself even with his constant urging to know more about her. The author does a great job of dropping hints to her past throughout and before long you know something is not quite right.

 "...I love you.' Haley said, turning casually away from Jason and back towards the cliff edge. She raised herself up onto her tip toes with her arms outstretched behind her. For one angelic moment she looked more like a beautiful ballet dancer balancing on the edge of the cliff-top, majestically posing for her final dance."

"Ugly/Beautiful" is a psychological drama at the core. The pace ranges from fast paced action to slow and a tense paranoia. Like the Author's previous work, "Alone", this is a great read filled with tense moments of action and drama.