April 5, 2013

Band Of Gypsies by @davidbainaa @CDennisMoore

Band Of Gypsies
Title: Band Of Gypsies
Authors: David Bain & C. Dennis Moore
Published By: a/a Productions
Twitter:(David Bain / C. Dennis Moore)|Amazon: (US/UK)
Format: E-book
Length: 54 pages
Price: $2.99

According to legend, Jimi Hendrix lost the master copy of his album Axis: Bold as Love in London. Authors C. Dennis Moore and David Bain take this legend and spin an epic tale of demonic entities, blood, rock & roll, and all out carnage.

I'll admit it; I'm not a fan of Jimi Hendrix. I recognize his skill and accomplishments, but I could never get into his music. Coming into "Band Of Gypsies", I was hesitant thinking it wouldn't be my type of book, but man was I wrong!

Both authors, never hold back in this high octane tale that features Hendrix himself as a ghost and demons that inhabit humans causing murder and mayhem in search of a master recording made by Jimi Hendrix, recording the unearthly sounds of Lady Electric Land.

One scene close to the end of the book really caught me off guard but, I loved every blood soaked minute of it.

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