August 25, 2012

Visual Dare #19: Depth

Visual Dare 19- 'Depth' 


Annie sat, sword at her side and feet dangling from the bridge. Brock had taken her advice and sent several scavenging crews out for supplies. For now she would relax, knowing that provisions were underway eased her growing concern.

"Maldric, for a hunter your sneaking skills need improvement. I heard you arrive and smelled you from farther back." she said sheathing her sword.

In the old world he would still be a boy , but now at age fourteen he  trained to hunt, kill, and protect his clan. A boy forced into manhood, a role that frightened him.

Word Count: 98/100
This is a continuation of Five Sentence Fiction - Night and Five Sentence Fiction - Blush

The above is my entry in the Visual Dare hosted by AnonymousLegacy. Each week you are given a prompt and must write a 100 word story based on the prompt.


  1. Love that you have continued this story, Annie is such a good strong character, I look forward to seeing where this goes :)

  2. I like how the depth is implied, not stated - of the bridge, of the relationship between the two, of the story that stretches behind them and before them. Well done!

  3. I like how you pulled in all the senses. Well done :))