August 25, 2012

#FWF 08-24-12 The Gift

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The Gift

"Oh oh he's soft and gentle in a pair of faded jeans

I'm such a lucky girl cause he belongs to me..."

The Kendalls  'Old Fashioned Love' filled the interior of the SUV. Randle loved the nostalgia of 8-track tapes and for nights like this he had to listen. It was one of her favorites back when they were dating and on these special  occasions is when he needed her the most.

Suzie was a special woman, he knew it the moment they met and after a  fling in high school they got hitched at the age of nineteen. Against their family's wishes, they joined their savings and set off on a journey; homeward bound as Suzie called it.

"We will go until our hearts tell us to stop and that is where we will make our home", Suzie said countless times to anyone that would listen.

Their tour took them to the bustle of big cities, calmness of the countryside, and every place in between. They would stop setup tents and spread the gospel. Randle would sing hymns, his coarse voice loud and prideful attracting people in passing. Suzie would read from the Bible with a faultless elocution before picking several 'poor souls' from the crowd and allowing them to follow her backstage for private counseling.

Suzie was a healer, at the age of eight  her mom broke a finger and with a kiss from her to the boo-boo mended the bone within seconds. Her family decided to keep her ability within the family, but as she wanted to share it.

"God gave me this gift and I'm not going to hide it", she said to her parents during one of their obligatory parental rants.

Randle didn't believe her about the gift until he saw it in action. Wanting to see first hand just how powerful she was, he took a knife and sliced his wrist; dragging the sharp blade down vertically from the palm of his hand. Slicing to deep, he severed the artery which should have resulted in death, but Suzie took control grasping his hand in hers.

"As you heal and renew your servant,Lord, may he bless and praise you. All of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen", she recited the prayer squeezing the wound tighter releasing an unnatural warmth.

Removing her hand, she smiled as the blood of the wound began to coagulate,form a scab and within minutes fully heal without a scar. Suzie wasn't as lucky, she began to convulse and froth at the mouth. Randle held her close and looked on stunned as a fresh scar formed over her wrist.

Years after her first tent healing, word of her gift spread and soon the media came calling.They ignored the salacious headlines and rancid allegations of her being a false prophet bur he knew it hurt her.

The gift took its toll on her body and at the age of thirty-six, he called her home.Her kiss in those last moments will forever hold a place in his heart. The warmth of her spirit enveloped and eased him.

That kiss  paved the way for Randle's future, he would continue the journey and the healing ways Suzie started.

"Oh oh he's soft and gentle in a pair of faded jeans

I'm such a lucky girl cause he belongs to me..."

His singing, interrupted by a red flashing diode, he had installed in the instrument panel of the SUV, it was a signal that something was wrong.Pulling to the side of the road he exited the vehicle into stinging torrents of rain; making his to RV hooked behind the SUV.

Opening the door, a five-year old boy created him holding a wooden spoon.

"Mama sick", said the boy pointing to the back area.

Randle unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and rolled up the sleeves as he walked back to the poor soul.

"Let thy word go forth with power, and thy Spirit shall conquer all. ... The Word is a might Power, and that Word is in me and through me now"
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  1. Excellent story writing skills...I like the hopeful beginning of this couple!

  2. I was so pleased to see that you took on my challenge! Thank you for writing for me. I am captivated by your story; your writing, narrative and development of story line. I hope you will write with us again soon! Bravo on an excellent entry for FWF! Nicely done!