August 18, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Night

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Five Sentence Fiction – Night

The sun fizzled out years ago, leaving the world in ruins and as years passed the population continued to dwindle.

The survivors banded together and adapted, rebuilding what they could of something resembling society, but the hardships of the new world was too much for some.

The freezing temperatures, radiation, and other new challenges were the least of their worries; the death of the sun ushered in another form of evil.

Humanoid beasts that thrived in the dark and lived to feed; took the world by storm but Annie wasn't afraid.

Blind from birth,she never had the privilege of seeing the difference between good and evil; she focused her time now perfecting her skills and hunting the vile creatures.


  1. Gee, most of us take on a scene or two in 5 sentence fiction. You took on the demise of the sun and rise of a new universal experience! All in five sentences? Yep! You did it. Very well done!

  2. I agree with Jo-Anne. Very ambitious and well-executed!

  3. Nice take on the post-apocalyptic - what's more extreme than nuclear holocaust? Why, the death of the sun of course! I particularly liked that your main character was blind from birth, giving her a kind of adaptation. Good stuff!

  4. That's brilliant...and a fantastic protagonist...could definitely be taken further!

  5. I particularly like how the heroine takes what many would consider a setback, and turns it into an that will likely help her survive.

  6. A new hero for a new age. Love her fiesty nature against the odds wehn all seems lost. Brilliant. x