August 16, 2012

Visual Dare 18: Minimal @Angela_Goff

Visual Dare 18: Minimal

Leaving Riply Creek

"Amy, if you hit me again, I'm leaving."

Packing his suitcase, the words haunt him and with each tear he shed he packed more clothes.

The fight had been bad, evident by the bedroom. The rage in her intoxicated eyes gave an advanced warning but Tim couldn't leave the house in time.

Like clockwork, the broomstick came into play as she battered him. He could have pushed her or hit her, but he didn't. Locking himself in the bedroom he waited for her to pass out.

He hated to leave but her curse was more than he could handle.
Word Count: 99/100

The above is my entry in the Visual Dare hosted by AnonymousLegacy. Each week you are given a prompt and must write a 100 word story based on the prompt.


  1. Wow. This one holds no punches. Abuse of men at the hands of women is highly under-reported, but a very real problem, at least in America. This one really hit home. Such heartbreak....very well written!

    Thank you again for another sobering (and well crafted) Visual Dare!

  2. Thank you Angela. Appreciate the comment and praise.

  3. A great take on the prompt.
    The plight of battered men is one that is often ignored - you handled it really well.