July 22, 2012

The Tomb - Visual Dare #14

Visual Dare #14: Gutted via Anonymous Legacy (@Angela_Goff)

The Tomb

The darkness ate at everyone in the group; stalking and consuming them..

One by one, Roger watches in shock as his friends dissolve into the pitch black without as much as a scream. The legends were true; the tomb was haunted, cursed, or maybe both.

"What the fuck is going on!"

Blind, deep in an unmarked cavern, Roger senses the malevolence inching closer. His back against a wall, he cowers in terror. 

The will to live escapes along with the contents of his bladder and bowels before he too becomes one with the darkness.

Word Count: 94/100


  1. YOIKS! Don't know how these poor souls ended up in such an accursed place but I'm glad I'm not there with them! Nice buildup of tension in few, carefully chosen words. I like how there are very few "throwaway" verbs - most of them are very strong: "sensed" "stalking" "consuming" "cowers," etc.

    Great job! Thanks for participating. :)

  2. That one bit of dialogue really emphasizes the suspense