July 22, 2012

The City and the Tattoo #FlashFictionFlourish

Visual Prompt provided by Flash Fiction Flourish

 The City and the Tattoo

"Go to the city, Roberto. It will change your life."

The words of my mother echo within, bringing forth visions of my childhood and family. The city changed me and now as I look at the fading skyline all I see is death and misery. Looking down into the water, a distorted image of myself stares back; a brief glimpse of a man torn to shreds.

That place took everything; my wife and son, leaving me an outcast. I should stay and seek vengeance but looking down at my arm; 'mi familia'  reminds me to be true.

My future is unclear but the tattoo of my wife and son begs that I leave. I oblige as the sun sets over hell.

Word Count: 121

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  1. Oh that is a wonderful interpretation and I love that last line -"I oblige as the sun sets over hell."

    Awesome, and thanks for the link info..xx

  2. Thank you for the kind words. At first I had no idea what I could write about but then I associated the image with a man broken by violence leaving to restart his life.

    Thanks for the wonderful prompt.