July 30, 2012

Visual Dare #15 Above @Angela_Golf

Visual Dare #15: Above via Anonymous Legacy (@Angela_Goff)

The Trip
The world below them disappeared,glimpses of land only visible with each lightning flash. There was no where to go; left to the whims of mother nature Donny and Janice huddled together in the basket of the balloon.

Minutes led to hours and the storm persisted blowing them into the unknown. Cold and afraid they fell asleep wrapped in each others embrace; hoping that if death came for them it would be quick and painless.

Janice woke first; witness to the new surroundings as unbelievable creatures of different sizes crawled the ground and flew in the sky. Her scream pierced reality.
Word Count: 100/100 


  1. Ooooo!! I LIKE this! Of course I'd like to know more about where they were blown off course to, and what awaits them - not to mention how they got in the balloon in the first place! Great hook, great pacing! Job well done!

  2. Spooky! Creatures? yikes! I really loved the first sentence - beautifully sets up the story. Glad you joined in this week :))

  3. Great scene setting and then the creepy ending... nice work!