July 29, 2012

#FWF July 27 Free Write Friday; Word Bank #Poetry

#FWF Free Write Friday; Word Bank
(words from word bank are bold in poem)

falling tears;(like Isaac's apples)
upon alabaster flesh.
cracked jade
on the fingers
of aloof lovers.
an intrinsic bond;
immense pain
under the shadow
of a failed marriage.
symmetry lost.

Free Write Friday
Instructions via kellieelmore:
One of the most useful ways I have found to release my muse is to simply write. Each Friday I will post a quote, poem, image or thought for you to ponder. Grab a pen, open your notepad on your computer or use whatever tool it is that fits you best and write!

You may write in any form you choose, as this is FREE Write Friday after-all. Forms accepted:

  •     Prose
  •     Poetry
  •     Micropoetry (for Twitter #FWF followers)
  •     Flash Fiction
  •     Spoken Word (Join my SoundCloud Group)
  •     and of course, the traditional method of “free writing”,

here are some guidelines to follow:

  •     Do not think. Do not edit. Do not pay attention to spelling, punctuation or form.
  •     Just allow the moment, your feelings, your imagination to run free and…
  •     Do not stop until you find yourself forcing your words or trying too hard to complete a thought.
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  1. Oh, so sad, it reminds me of what I've lost, too.

  2. so true...the sadness and the pain is very evident...

  3. It takes such talent and skill to write in brevity and be able to impact the reader and you have done a fine job! Happy to have you join us at FWF and I hope you will be back again! Beautiful contribution. So very bittersweet. Nice work! ♥