August 1, 2012

Visual Dare #16: BELLS IN RAIN @Angela_Golf

Visual Dare #16: BELLS IN RAIN via Anonymous Legacy (@Angela_Goff)

The bells and the rain, how he loathed both of them. Ben hated Seattle and its rain. A child of the sun; he needed it and nature to survive. 

The bells haunted him as a child and now as an adult they open old wounds. In this house, twenty years ago they ushered into the world evil; rage. He lost his innocence here and it was time to leave the past,the bells,and the rain. 

He would move west; no bells, rain, terror, or abuse. There the sun would renew his spirit allowing him to sprout, grow, and start a family. 

Word Count: 100/100


  1. Wow. Such a chasing, haunting entry in so few words, and without any overt evil. Yet there is the hope that the character will move beyond his past into a new life. Well done!!

  2. Intriguing... Lots of mystery here, lots left unsaid. Very nice.