August 10, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Distance

Blast From The Past

Joey, only eight years old, obeyed his mother and ran as fast as a kid could; barefoot and shirtless he ran a mile down the road to their neighbor.

He remembers the blood, tears, and his mother's plea for him to run.

No matter, the distance he puts between himself and the past, that evil returns raping him of normalcy.

On a midnight flight to Tucson, hoping a vacation would ease his frazzled nerves; Joey glanced behind him revealing the stranger from his past; he closed his eyes and gave into the stranger as the plane plummeted to the ground.


  1. You do a nice job of giving Joey a kind of unhinged feeling in just a few sentences, so that I'm not even sure if the "stranger" from his past is in his mind or for real. Nice work!


  2. Well done, you capture his state of mind beautifully. :)

  3. This piece's strength lies in the way you set the mood and drive the reader toward the inevitable. Very nice.