August 10, 2012

Trapped Ashes(2006) review

Title: Trapped Ashes(2006)
Directors: Sean S. Cunningham|Joe Dante|John Gaeta|Monte Hellman|Ken Russell
Writer: Dennis Bartok
Stars: John Saxon|Jayce Bartok|Henry Gibson|Lara Harris 
Genre: Horror
Rated: Length: 105mins.

"Trapped Ashes" is a horror anthology in the same vein as "Creepshow". A group of tourists take a  tour of a Hollywood set and get trapped. They must tell their most horrific tale to escape.

Each character then takes turn telling their stories, with each one being directed by a different director.

"The Girl With Golden Breasts" directed by  Ken Russell finds struggling actress Phoebe Kane being rejected for roles and wondering why she's always being turned down for roles. She decides her small breasts are the reason and gets a boob job. You would think she'd make sure to find a professional but no; she let's a cigar smoking doctor implant her with breast from cadavers. Her choice proves to be disastrous when her blood sucking breasts  go on the attack.

"Jibaku" directed by Sean S. Cunningham  focuses on a couple in japan who's marriage is on the rocks. The wife finds her sexuality thanks to a bit necrophilia with a Japanese guy and  it's up to her husband to save her.

"Stanley's Girlfriend"  directed by Monte Hellman tells the story of Stanley Kubrick, his best friend and the woman that came between them.

"My Twin, The Worm" is directed by John Gaeta . Nathalie tells the story of her birth and her strange twin brother.

As I mentioned earlier most of the stories have sexual themes to them; "Jibaku" and "The Girl With Golden Breasts" being the strongest sexuality wise. "My Twin, The Worm" is the creepiest tale in the movie with "Stanley's Girlfriend" being slow and uneventful.

I came in with low expectations, but was surprised to find that I enjoyed the movie, but I'm a fan of B horror movies so for that reason I can only recommend this to B Horror fans. Trapped ashes is available on netflix as well.