August 11, 2012

"Courage In The Ring"

Mixed Martial Arts Takedown Attempt
Mixed Martial Arts Takedown Attempt (Photo credit: fightlaunch)

Courage In The Ring
"One... two... three!," exclaimed the announcer, jumping out  his chair,"Willie Morgan has won the World Championship".

My dad was a hell of a wrestler and that night was the pinnacle of his career; sixteen years of blood,sweat,and tears within the ring all leading to the gold and for what?

His last match, archived online and here on this VHS tape. Mom left it for me hoping I could understand why dad was away from home so much. The tape chronicled his career throughout the territories and I realized he loved the sport, but not as much as he loved us.

"World Champion Willie Morgan has collapsed folks," said the announcer, sitting back down looking on in concern, "Medics are out now and checking on the champion."

I still break down when I watch that match; He was standing there tall and strong with the belt around his waist then he was gone; a heap on the mat. The coroner said it was cancer and his doctor confirmed the diagnosis; colon cancer.

For a year, cancer riddled his body and yet he told no one; he continued to wrestle. A true legend and inspiration that died too young.

Like my father, I'm Willie Morgan and a wrestler; dad fought in a ring but for me, my home is the cage. Taping my fists I remember my dad, his work ethic and his heart. I'll enter the cage an average fighter but exit a champion.

"Willie Morgan has won the World Championship,"

Courage In The Ring was a story I wrote back in my younger days that got lost in the age of floppy disks. I kept the title and some of the plot that I could remember. In the original the main character would have followed in his father's footsteps and become a professional wrestler, after his dad dies in a tragic car wreck. While it is shorter than the original, I feel like it works better as a flash fiction piece. I hope you enjoy

I wrote the above using a prompt from Write4Ten. Where you are given a prompt and must write for ten minutes.