July 28, 2012

Flash Fiction Flourish week 2: Brothers

Flash Fiction Flourish: Saturday Picture Prompt - Brothers
This prompt is courtesy of Flash Fiction Flourish. The rules are simple. Use the above picture as inspiration and write a story 100-150 words and included the word 'Brothers' somewhere in the story.

Brotherly Love
Being brothers is a big responsibility, a treasure, and a pain. Three years his senior, I took Brandon under my wing when our parents abandoned us. Showing him the ways of the world, I made sure he could survive if something ever happened to me.

As he got older, I sensed a rift forming between us, he was smarter than me, but lacked tenacity. I went to lengths that no one else would, to survive. The fact is I love my job; it is the ultimate thrill and Brandon didn't have the stomach or balls to follow in my footsteps.

A witness to the bloodshed, the bodies, and all the deaths. I wouldn't let him leave.

Slitting his throat while he slept; I watched our blood drain from the gaping wound.

"I'm sorry brother, for I have sinned."

Word Count: 138

 Flash Fiction Flourish 

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  1. Disturbing, and effectively written. Love the ending. Great story!