September 8, 2016

Erteisia: Ultimate Sacrifice(Volume 3)@lindaolofts

ERTEISIA: Ultimate Sacrifice (Volume 3)

Author: Linda Lofts-Wiles
Publisher: Sunshine Press
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There have been massive upheavals in the universe caused by Orion’s domination over humanity. Eons of bloody and brutal warfare between Orion’s Ch’hogs and the vulnerable yet determined humans have ravaged the planet Earth to the brink of destruction. 
Orion’s second in command, the ruthless henchman Xag, will not rest until he has achieved complete annihilation of the human race. Far from Earth in deep space Sianna’Q and the inhabitants of planet Utopia have watched this conflict unfold throughout time. 
Finally the moment has come for intervention and the newly initiated warrior Sianna’Q departs Utopia and descends to Earth, spiralling through the time-line into the mists of unknown history. Isolated from the people of Utopia by the ravine of time Sianna’Q must defeat Orion and the blood-thirsty Xag. Her journey takes her through time and throughout the universe, bringing her into contact with amazing and unique creatures and places, including the Time Maestro - the keeper of all that is known and forgotten. 
And yet Sianna’Q is never alone in her struggle, connected to her home planet Utopia in ways yet fathomed by even her advanced kin.
Today I’ll be reviewing  Erteisia: Ultimate Sacrifice(Volume 3) by author Linda Lofts-Wiles. I was asked to read and give an honest review of the book. While the horror genre is my preferred reading material, I do dabble in science fiction and figured I’d give it a try.
I’ve never heard of Mrs. Lofts-Wiles or her books but from the blurb I was interested to see what this title was all about.

I had a hard time keeping myself in the story. My current schedule and life events  are partly to blame but also not having read the previous two volumes I found it hard to know and love these characters. I just couldn’t get invested in their stories. I honestly believe, having read the previous volumes, I would have enjoyed this title much more because there are some great aspects here.

The author’s writing style is elegant and charming. Her word choice and sentence structure is without a doubt top quality prose with great strides taken to bring the world and characters alive.

I wish I could have came to terms and felt something for these characters but without the past volumes I felt out of the loop and indifferent in such an epic and expanse world.
If you love(hell even like) science fiction check out all three volumes of this book. For now, I can only give this title three stars.
3 skull rating(Average)