August 20, 2016

Gore Zone @WesJThomas

GORE ZONE: 15 Tales of Extreme Gore & Terror

Publish Date: July 29, 2016
Length: 230 pages
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Horror author Wesley Thomas brings the fury and all the gore you could want in this collection of fifteen stories.From sinister theme parks to psychotic women and even a possessed Kindle. If you like all things extreme then continue reading or the rest of my review to see if Thomas's Gore Zone lives up to the hype.

I absolutely love collections. Simply for the fact that, in most collections, authors display their skill with different subjects, genres, and styles. So when, Wesley contacted me about reviewing his newest collection; I jumped on it. One thing I know for sure about Mr. Thomas is that he never fails to entertain. Even when I may not fully enjoy a book some part of it entertains me.

Gore Zone entertained and disgusted me, but the damage was done and like a true addict I couldn't resist; jumping back into the depravity and gore. If you are squeamish, this may not be the book or you. But if you've got the fortitude to stick it out, you will be sure to find a story or stories that hook you.

Throughout the collection you'll come across a wide range of  creepiness and strange characters but no other character intrigued and disgusted me more than Sady. Sady is a truly disturbing character and her actions had me gagging and clutching myself in pain and repulsion. Before I knew it the story was over and Sady was gone. I need more Sady!! You hear me Mr. Thomas?? Give me more twisted adventures of this demented character. I want to know more about said character and follow the blood trail that she leaves behind.

I  think I mention this with each new book released by the author, but Mr. Thomas continues to flourish. Out doing himself with each new release. I recommend this collection for all fans of the author, the horror genre, and gore hounds alike.