August 13, 2015

Car Nex: Trailer Park @TerryMWest

Car Nex: Trailer Park

If you think tornadoes are rough on trailer parks, imagine what a tornado with claws, fangs and a hunger for human flesh could do! David Richard Morgan is an angry and bitter man who discovers an ancient incantation and uses it to unleash the monster known as the Car Nex upon his ex-wife and the other residents of the Pleasant Palaces Trailer Park.

Author Shaun Hupp brings another incarnation of Terry M. West's Car Nex to life. There's so much to love about the Car Nex as a character and each author in this series has provided new, entertaining, and horrifying takes on this beast.

An angry man uses an incantation to unleash the ancient evil to destroy his ex-wife and other residents of the Pleasant Palaces Trailer Park. Once unleashed the beast tears through the trailer park with one intention.


Mr. Hupp brings what we all love about the Car Nex beast while infusing it and the story with his own style and twists. His writing doesn't feature any fancy prose but it doesn't need it as his dialog is crisp and characters are believable and enjoyable.

Car Nex: Trailer Park shouldn't be just read; it should be devoured.