August 19, 2015

Bitten: Book II(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy) @KLNappier

Bitten : Book II(Full Wolf Moon Trilogy)

Book II of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy picks up eight years later. Max & David are now hunters, stalking the ancient werewolf's lineage where ever it emerges. But nothing they have experienced before can prepare them for where this trail leads.
Author K.L. Nappier returns with Book II of The Full Wolf Moon Trilogy. Bitten follows Max and David as they follow and hunt down the ancient werewolf's bloodline. Both characters, Max and David, work well together and have great chemistry together. Thanks to the author's vivid descriptions and engaging plots I followed along with their travels and tribulations.

The dialogue within the book was inconsistent. It wasn't terrible but some conversations felt dry and boring. Unlike the first book where I had no trouble with the dialogue. There were no spelling problems or typographical errors this time which I found several in the first book.

The story continues from the first book and ultimately leads up the final book Chosen. Things aren't ended neatly here so if you prefer all your stories to have clear endings then maybe this isn't for you. But if you like horror or werewolf fiction you should give this trilogy a chance.  

K.L. Nappier

K.L. Nappier

Publisher :Presse Libertine