August 12, 2015

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11:34 by L. Marshall James
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11:34 is a horror compilation featuring 1 novel, 1 novella, 3 novelettes, and 4 short stories that will lead you through dark passageways of horror, dread, and suspense into worlds where not every question is answered and not every answer is what you want it to be. If you discover what happens at 11:34, you might wish you hadn't.
11:34 is a jam-packed collection of fiction consisting of short stories, novelettes, a novella, and a novel! That is a lot of bang for your buck, considering the author could have released these separately.

The collection consists of:

  • The Haunt - Brad begins to suspect that someone is playing pranks on him. Is he beginning to lose his sanity or is something else amiss? 
  • Revolution - presents us with the interview of Blake Homestead, an eccentric billionaire with a strange worldview and a bold plan for the future.
  • Speck - begins innocently enough when part of a mountain glacier breaks away and begins to melt, unleashing its ancient contents onto an unsuspecting world.
  • Toe - an old man goes fishing and for the life of him, he cannot fathom what he reels in. 
  • Darker - is the diary of Bella Darnell, a woman who hears a name that triggers a meltdown. To find out what the name means to her, she'll have to delve into a past she had long forgotten. 
  • Hammer and Nails - shows us life at the bottom of the barrel. 
  • 11:34 - an old woman appears in a young girl's home, every night at 11:34. How did the woman come to be there, and what is her purpose? 
  • Null - the crew of the spaceship "Athena" have been tasked with a mission of discovery that takes them to the edge of the Milky Way, to an unexplored planet named "Cardinal."
  • The House of Allure - presents us with a futuristic version of our world in which personal computers are integrated into the bodies of most first-world citizens, and brothels are as common as restaurants. This story is told mostly from the perspectives of Tad Barlow, an introvert and virtual virgin, and Symphony Rains, a long term brothel girl. The paths of their lives are separate, but they converge in spectacular fashion!
As you can tell from the list of stories, there are varying genres and plots to explore that share a similarity. They all take you through the darkness.

My favorites in this collection are "Null", "The House of Allure","Darker",and "Toe"
Overall "11:34" is good read with solid entertaining writing.

4 Skulls

L. Marshall James

Publisher : Highwater Publishing