March 27, 2015

Dreg @TerryMWest


Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
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Terry M West's Dreg
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Louisiana. 1940.
Madness thrives in the Pointe au Chien and a dark legacy is embraced. A bayou boy is baptized in city blood and a pack as old as time rises from the swamps. A man beast escapes his shackles, and the hunt begins- a hunt that will last for decades. A hunt fueled by the moon. For when the moon is full, the beast rises. And the blood flows.
Houston, Texas. 1999.
Lucas Glover is a local psychic who assists the police. Lucas' supernatural abilities are faltering and his health has been greatly affected by his gift. He is brought in by the police commissioner to help profile and track down the Keepsake Killer. The Keepsake Killer is a mass murder who has eluded the police for almost two decades. Lucas is partnered with William Harlson, a hard as nails, skeptical and terminally ill homicide detective who sees stopping the killer as his last hurrah. As the investigation progresses, Lucas is plagued by strange dreams and he develops a connection with an otherworldly force that slowly reveals the origins of the killer. Lucas discovers that he is dealing with a primal force of nature far more dangerous than any human serial killer. And when the Keepsake Killer strikes close to home, Lucas has to push his abilities farther than they have ever been pushed. Even if it kills him.
Author Terry M. West is back! With him comes action,gore, and suspense and I loved every single morsel of it. It is hard to turn a sub-genre on its head, but if anyone could do it; it is Mr. West.

Does he do it with Dreg?

Yes! He takes a traditional horror baddie and redefines it with such style and substance. From the opening pages of the book we(the readers) are greeted with an odd clan and quickly we learn these people aren't the normal neighborly type. Fast forward fifty years or so and we are splat in the middle of a murder mystery. Psychic Lucas Glover is tasked with helping the local authorities track down a serial killed named 'The Keepsake Killer'.

The story is full of twists to keep even the casual reader salivating for more but yet teeming with gore,violence, and everything else veteran horror fans look for. The author originally published the story in 2003 but decided to edit the brutal tale and re-release it.

If you are looking for a new spin on an old classic then look no further than "Dreg". Mr. West has conjured up a mythical tale rooted in reality that is sure to have you howling at the moon.