April 26, 2015

Car Nex: The Evil One @RobinDover

Car Nex: The Evil One

Author: E.R. Robin Dover
Publisher:Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.

Aldo Capello, the mayor of New York city, is threatened by an underground terrorist group that he has been secretly financing in an effort to keep New York safe. With a wide scale terrorist attack looming, Capello summons a creature of hell to destroy his enemies. The Car Nex has been unleashed, and it is ready to take Manhattan!

"Car Nex" was originally created by author Terry M. West. He has set out to let other authors take his original Car Nex demon and present their own versions or tales of the beast.

Today, E.R. Robin Dover's tale "Car Nex::The Evil One" is up for review. I've been told that this man has the stuff when it comes to writing and since I've never sampled his talent, I was eager to sink my fangs into this bloody gem. I'm a fan of the original "Car Nex" story and hoped this one would satisfy. Did it? You'll have to finish the review to find out.

The premise of this tale is simple but yet brimming with tension and possibilities. The mayor or New York city has found himself on the opposite side of a terror attack. The city he would do everything to protect was under siege by the underground terrorist group that he secretly financed to protect the city.

Here you have the setup. A nice twist, playing on fears of current events, the author sets up from the beginning and while he has written in most genres this wouldn't be considered horror to myself. Luckily the story unfolds at a steady pace and the unfortunate turn of events has the mayor knee deep in a world of mess.

His cook of a mother-in-law(as he considered her) mentioned blood must be spilled and the evil one must come. Aldo Capello does the unthinkable and brings forth the Car Nex in order to protect his city but will the evil one do more damage than good?

On the author's webpage, he quotes himself"I refuse to play it safe or be defined by any specific genre.".While I haven't had the pleasure to read his work in other genre's, I have no doubt he could pull off amazing stories in any genre."Car Nex: The Evil One" is a quick read coming in at around twenty pages but it is not just filler. There is brutal action and a depth to the characters that leave you wanting to know more after the last page has turned.