November 27, 2014

The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed by @TerryMWest

The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed

Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
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The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed
In 1925 Baker Johnson inherits his uncle's home and with it the mysterious 'Black Room'. A room where Richard Johnson, a physical research, kept haunted items. Baker has a problem; the room has been emptied of it's items.
Period pieces and myself usually do not get along well. It's not the writing's fault. Really it's mine. as I find it hard to grasp the language and nuances of the time. Coming into "The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed" I knew it would be good because the author hasn't let me down with his previous offerings. But I was afraid I would let the story down by not giving it my all; blocked by my usual barriers with period pieces.

My fears were unfounded as the author's subject matter eased me into the story. I was hooked. As the sharp barbs of prose tore through my skin, I was pulled deeper into life of Baker Johnson and the 'Black Room' that my barrier collapsed. I was enthralled with the tale; told with such a stylish and authentic tint that I was briefly transported back to nineteen-fifty two.

what really excites me about this story, is that there will be more to come giving readers like myself another opportunity to step into the shoes of Baker Johnson.

Without a doubt, the author has created a story well worth 'Five Skulls'

Five Skulls