November 26, 2014

What Goes Bump in The Night by @WesJThomas

What Goes Bump in the Night?

Author: Wesley Thomas
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What Goes Bump in The Night?
From vampires, malicious spirits, horrifying witches, frightful ghouls, sinister voices, strange artifacts and irrational fears, this collection of short horror stories and flash fiction has everything for the avid horror reader.
Included Stories:
  • Scary Lady – Two kids retrieve a skateboard from a haunted house, what should possibly go wrong?
  • The Kill – A man making the ultimate kill.
  • Baby Talk – A strange voice coming from a baby monitor?
  • Cave Terrors – Sex in a cave, the perfect idea, right?
  • The Auction Hoarder – A girl brings home an odd painting, but it's the boyfriend that is afraid.
  • A Jogger's Nightmare – Jogging is good for you, unless....
  • Man In The Top Hat – A young girl can see something that adults cannot.
  • Underground Hell Club – An illegal rave that ends in terror.
  • Don't Look Down – Wake up atop a skyscraper with no way down, what would you do?
  • Julie's Bridal Boutique – Julie has a visitor, but it isn't a wedding dress she wants.
  • The Lighthouse – The perfect place to hide from the rain, until they have to hide from other things.
  • Nestled – A man wakes up in a very sticky situation.
  • The Hotel – Maids get their revenge.
  • The Weird Warehouse – Curiosity killed the child.
  • The Gaming Addict – Video games are bad for your health, no really.
  • Clown Karma – A thief gets more than he bargained for.
I've reviewed this author's previous works before and with each new release his talent surpasses the last. "What Goes Bump In The Night?" continues his rise as this collection includes a whopping sixteen stories for readers to enjoy.

I've said it before but I love collections like this because it gives the readers an assortment of different styles, plots, and characters to read. All these tales were good and kept me entertained but three really stood out as my favorites.

In 'A Jogger's Nightmare' the author unleashes his most disturbing and disgusting story that had my inner gore-hound screaming for more.
In 'Clown Karma' a thief's midnight caper goes wrong in show many ways. It also showcases the author's ability to weave different genres together.
'The Gaming Addict' really left me nerve wracked and skittish. Being a gamer, this story really sucked me in.

Sixteen stories and sneak peek of the upcoming "Frightful Tales: Book Two- He's Watching You" are included and well worth the price. I'm sure every reader will find a story they love.

"What Goes Bump In The Night?" is a literary snack pack with a great collection of stories that are sure to please every horror reader's appetite.

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