October 7, 2014

The Anatomy Of Fear @Passion2Publish


Conversations with Cult Horror and Science Fiction Film Creators

Authors: Christopher Vander Kaay | Kathleen Fernandez - Vander Kaay
Publisher: NorLightsPress
The Anatomy Of Fear

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During in-depth conversations with 21 horror and science-fiction film writers and directors, filmmakers Chris and Kathleen Vander Kaay uncover a surprisingly honest appraisal of the human psyche, along with the inside story on the inspiration, creation, and behind-the-scenes experiences of box office blockbusters.

Horror movies have a shady reputation because of their flaws and eccentricities. Horror wants us to laugh when we’re uncomfortable, keep looking when we want to turn away, and live with a total lack of happy endings. Perhaps that’s why we respect these films as a subculture. And because no one expects horror films to toe the line, they get to flirt with madness and imperfection while making the most interesting, controversial observations.

"The Anatomy of Fear" is a collection of interviews with writers and directors of horror and science fiction films. As a horror fan, I love to read about the inner workings of the writers/directors minds and their process for certain scenes and messages in the movies. This collection of interviews does just that. It pulls back the curtains and gives the readers a glimpse inside the mind of such greats as Tom Holland, Larry Fessenden, and many more.

While "The Anatomy of Fear" is a great and interesting read, I feel only movie buffs or hardcore horror/science fiction fans would enjoy this read. For the fellow nerds like myself, I recommend giving this a read.

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