October 5, 2014

Say No To Drugs @Mattmolgaard

Say No To Drugs

Author: Matt Molgaard
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Publisher: HNR Publishing
Length: 41 pages

"Say No To Drugs" is a collection, of two shorts, that resemble the drive in's grindhouse cinema of the seventies. Featured in this collection are "The Pot" and "Blue".

In "The Pot" two high school students are trying to score some weed but instead get something much more horrific.
In "Blue" a young man must figure out of he's experiencing the most horrific hallucination ever or are these maddening visions and experiences something more.

Also included is a short story from the author's two year-old daughter.

"Say No To Drugs" captures the 'Reefer Madness' vibe but takes it to another level of horror. Provided as cautionary tales of what drug use can do to you, 'The Pot' and 'Blue' will make you think twice before using.

The author takes the reader on a journey filled with drugs and remains to keep the stories grounded in reality. His characterization and voicing of the teens in 'The Pot' are spot on. I could eavesdrop on teens today and they would have the same conversations Ray Waltz and his friend.

'Blue' is an acid trip gone horribly wrong and expressed with such vividness on paper that I felt as I was living the horrible drug induced trip.

Both stories fit the theme of the collection and while both show slivers of a dark comedy; the stories are more horror than anything else. The author also includes a short story from his daughter at the end of the book and it's clear that his love for writing has been in instilled in her as well.

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