September 29, 2014

Frightful Tales: Rose's Thorn by @WesJThomas

Frightful Tales: Rose's Thorn

Author: Wesley Thomas
Length: 102 pages
Frightful Tales: Rose's Thorn

From the twisted author that brought you 'Terror Train', comes his latest offering, a new horror collection.

Frightful Tales is a collection of horror novellas, each book is based on real Urban Legends. From the creepy, eerie, chilling and down right horrifying! Each tale tells of a myth originating from the United Kingdom. This collection is not for the fainthearted.

Rose's Thorn"
Emily and Declan have been best friends their whole lives. But Emily comes from an incredibly wealthy family, and Declan's background is quite the opposite. One Christmas Declan's neglectful and abusive father forgets to buy any presents for him. Emily, feeling sympathetic for her best friend gives him a doll. Declan has a secret hobby for playing with dolls and is delighted, and grateful for having such an incredible friend. But after several unexplained coincidences and mind-numbing terror, he soon wishes she had never given him this doll.
Author Wesley Thomas is back again with another chilling short story. "Rose's Thorn" is the first novella in the Frightful Tales series and boy does it impress.

Declan loves to play with dolls, but he keeps it a secret from his father in fear of abuse. His friend, Emily, lends Declan one of her dolls during a stressful time in hopes of cheering him up.

Once the doll arrives at his place, things begin to go south. From several unexplained occurrences to piss your pants moments of terror; the author handles the characters and pacing with precise control.

The act of inanimate objects coming to life has always unnerved me. From "Child's Play" to "Mommie Dearest", and now "Rose's Thorn"; dolls have a way of instilling fear.

This novella isn't all horror as the author weaves an intricate plot around the doll's origins that will cause the readers to feel a range of emotions.

It is nice to read the author's works and see how he improves with each one. "Rose's Thorn" is terror at it's best.

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