May 10, 2014

The End of All Things by @LissaBryan

The End of All Things

Author: Lissa Bryan
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop
Format: E-book

Carly Daniels struggles to survive in Juneau after a virus outbreak sweeps the world. Along with Sam, a wolf pup she rescued, they live day to day in a small apartment scrounging daily to get buy. The arrival of a stranger, Justin , forces Carly to face the facts and leave the comfort of her home. Through their journey they face trials and tribulations that test their very fabric, but through it all they remain strong and discover things about each other that they never knew possible.

At its core, “The End of All Things” is a post-apocalyptic story with the focus being directed on the characters, their relationships, and how they deal with the day to day survival as the world crashes around them.

The author crafts a well woven plot with realistic and down to earth characters. Carly, Justin, and the other characters introduced feel genuine and were easy for me to relate and side with. While the gore is at a minimum and the scare factor isn’t standard of what I usually read, I found the story engaging and entertaining.

If you are looking for a gore laced scary filled read then I recommend you give it a pass, but if you want to read a quality post-apocalyptic tale with a good plot and characters then pick this up.

This review was originally published at Invincible Love of Reading