May 8, 2014

Dead Aware: A Horror Tale Told in Screenplay by @TerryMWest

Dead Aware: A Horror Tale Told In Screenplay

Author: Terry M. West
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment
Format: E-book
Dunlavey is a private investigator. He's a drug user and alcoholic with a penchant for the wrong women. His eagerness to experience all forms of occult practices and rituals left him cursed. The curse gives him the ability to see negative energy and spiritual manifestations, which he uses to help the authorities solve some of their more bizarre crimes.

Mr. West is back again with another amazing read. "Dead Aware" is a horror tale that is written in screenplay format. I have never read a screenplay before which lead to a little confusion at the start. A couple pages in I was hooked to the character Dunlavey and his ability that the format took a backseat as it should.

Story Trumps All Other.

The life of Dunlavey is a depressing mess that had me feeling sorry for the guy, but he is partially responsible for the current state of his life. Tracking down a killer is hard in normal circumstance; add in his drug abuse and the curse and things become a matter of life and death. The blend of supernatural and psychological thriller makes for an excellent read.

The author's writing is in top form yet again. In the preview version I reviewed, there was a slight formatting error but it has since been corrected.

This is a screenplay filled with murder, suspense, and the supernatural.If the author isn't on your radar, he should! Grab "Dead Aware" and his other titles for a great entertaining reads.