February 1, 2014

Revenge of The Three by @TimMiller2011

Revenge of the Three
Author: Tim Miller
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Price: $2.99

Your favorite preacher and serial killer is back! Charlie is still trying to recover from his first encounter with a member of The Three.

He has a new job and a potential girlfriend, but before he can get too comfortable, an even darker, more powerful member of The Three has come for him. If they have their way, Charlie will suffer for interfering with their plans.

As if that isn’t enough, the FBI is investigating him and a drug cartel has mistaken him for a rival. Despite the odds, Charlie will stay in the fight for his sake, and the rest of humanity.

Pastor Charlie is back and with him the author returns to the battle between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. Charlie is recuperating from his battle with one of 'The Three' in "The Hand of God". He has a new job working in a mortuary and hasn't killed in a long time, but the arrival of another member of 'The Three' and his friend Lucifer ends his plans of starting over.
"Once we reached the car, we saw the dead girl in the passenger’s seat. She was crumpled over in an unnatural position, as if she tried to do a somersault, but backwards. I noticed the windshield was cracked into a spider web pattern with blood splattered along the interior. The girl’s head was busted wide open to the point that you couldn’t make out her face. She’d more than likely not been wearing her seatbelt. It was a shame, since the crash didn’t look all that bad. Those were usually the crashes that were the most fatal. When the car is torn to pieces, then it did its job and took the brunt of the force from the collision. When there is little damage, then the passengers took the brunt. In this case it was this poor girl."
Pastor Charlie is a fun character to read and through both books I struggled between liking him and hating his guts. Some will see him as the protagonist, others the antagonist, but I'm undecided. What i do know is that he's a powerful character with a rich history I'd love to know more about.

Compared to "The Hand of God", Charlie's side job of serial killing plays a backseat to the trouble that arises. The inclusion of a love interest was new and funny side to the preacher/killer as well.
“Well, isn’t that the cutest thing.” Majors said from behind me. I turned and saw he was walking toward me from the tower. He must have woken up.
“You missed the show,” I said.
“I know. I owe you a punch in the face. Told you she was your girlfriend.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
"Revenge of the Three" is a great follow up to "The Hand of God" and I hope the author continues to explore the journey and or past of Pastor Charlie.