January 31, 2014

Sullivan's Watch @MichaelKRose

Sullivan's Watch
Author: Michael K. Rose
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Price: $3.99

The Thrilling Conclusion to The Sullivan Saga!

The strange hyperspace entities aren’t finished with Richard Sullivan, and after a warning from Frank Allen, he decides to travel back to Earth. Once there, he realizes that the battle has intensified, and now Earth itself is in danger.

Fighting not only the entities but also alien ships and soldiers, Sullivan and the rest of Earth’s defenders must overcome seemingly impossible odds if they are to prevail. But Rick Sullivan has perhaps the most difficult job of all; he will be responsible for bringing an ultimate end to the threat. To do so, he must be willing to sacrifice not only his own life but the lives of countless others as well. And even if he is successful, he may lose the woman he loves forever.

SULLIVAN’S WATCH is the final, action-packed novel in The Sullivan Saga which began in SULLIVAN’S WAR and continued in SULLIVAN’S WRATH.

Author Michael K. Rose is back again with the final entry into The Sullivan Saga and as always he doesn't disappoint. This time around the motivation behind the hyperspace entities are revealed and things don't look good for Richard Sullivan, Kate, and Earth.

Sullivan has to sacrifice everything he holds dear, as he tries to put an end to the entities.

Rose's excellent character work and dialog return as does his ability to weave science fiction and fact together for an entertaining and believable read. Pulse pounding action and space battles complete this awesome Sci-Fi series.

If you have been keeping up with The Sullivan Saga, you have to read this explosive finale.