January 30, 2014

A Difficult Mirror by @bxwretlind

A Difficult Mirror
Author: Benjamin X. Wretlind
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Price: $7.99

Four-year-old Justine has been lost to the world and with her an ability feared by many. But the balance of power has been shifting for years, and Justine may be able to tip those scales for good...if someone can find her in a pitiless place of sorrow and pain.

When Marie Evans meets a strange man on a deserted road and a body is found mutilated in the desert, a deep resentment teetering on the edge of release is about to explode. Someone, somewhere has drawn a line in the sand, and when Harlan Reese, Marie's ex-lover, enters a forest in central Arizona looking for his daughter, that line will be crossed.

In a world between Heaven and Hell, the past becomes the present as Harlan and Marie find each other once again. Their journey across an unforgiving land to find a way home with Justine by their side will be wrought with both pain and triumph.

Author Benjamin X. Wretlind has become one of my favorite authors over the years with his engaging and entertaining works. He's the next big thing in literary fiction and "A Difficult Mirror" is another outstanding read.

His well crafted characters transform from words to living breathing beings each in turn telling me of their trials and tribulations. When you read a Wretlind novel, you don't just read through it. No. You linger within his worlds and mingle with his people; quickly becoming engrossed. This novel is no different.

Poor Justine, only four years old and trapped in an unknown place. You will feel her fear, and the other characters desperation seeps through the pages. It's an epic tale in the vein of Stephen King's "The Stand" that cannot and should not be missed.