January 29, 2014

Wherewolves by @WHEREWOLVESfilm

Authors: John Vamvas & Olga Montes
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Price: $2.99

The underdogs, Jeffrey and Doris, do not want to go as they fear for their safety among the disdain and cruelty of the popular students. Sergeant Tim O’Sullivan, their teacher, as well as their dysfunctional parents pressure them into going, but it is an unforgivable act by their peers that propels the pair to go. Likewise, Elie, a student resented because of his Arab roots, is even more determined to prove himself this weekend. In the background, a news report cautions of a wanted couple with alleged super-human strength supposedly brought on by a new drug on the streets.
In the woods, the students hike, hunt, camp, and soon act in unity as the forest brings them closer together. But does it? O’Sullivan leaves them alone for the night. The students bond, chant, tell campfire tales, and quickly lose their fears and inhibitions. HOO-AH! Though sexual tensions are high, it soon turns to violence and everything quickly turns sour.

What is out there? Can it really be werewolves?

Two friends, social outcasts, try their best to skip a school camping trip in an effort to distance themselves from the rest of the class. With their teacher and parents demanding they participate, the duo sets out on one hell of a trip.

Originally a screenplay, "Wherewolves" takes the werewolf and tries to insert it into modern culture, but fails miserably(at least as a novel). The cliched characters and the disjointed dialog hamper a decent plot. It was a chore to read due to the characters and dialog; resulting in me putting the book aside several times. but I waded through the blood, guts, and cliches to see how the authors wrapped it up. I would say the ending was satisfying, but I can't.

"Wherewolves" may shine on the big screen, but on paper it loses its bite.