February 2, 2014

Dark Exorcist by @TimMiller2011

Dark Exorcist
Author: Tim Miller
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Price: $2.99

Peter Roman is a police officer on what should be a typical disturbance call. He encounters a teenage girl who is anything, but typical. Her level of strength and violence surpasses some of the strongest suspects he's encountered.

Father Pierce is a hospital chaplain who despite his lack of belief in the supernatural, is forced to stare down the pure evil within the girl.

Father Dietrich Harlan is a seasoned priest and Vatican trained Exorcist who gets called in to save the young woman and restore order to the hospital.

In one night, these men will come face to face with a demon who reveals to them their own demons. How can a group of flawed individuals defeat a being so powerful? Only by defeating their own monsters will they survive the night.

I'm reviewing another novel by horror author Tim Miller("The Hand of God", "Revenge of the Three", and "Hell, Texas").

In "Dark Exorcist", Peter Roman is a normal police officer on what should have been a typical disturbance, but when a violent teenage girl challenges him like no other criminal; things spiral out of control. By nights end, he and hospital residents will battle a vile demon hell bent on destruction.

The author switches viewpoints throughout the story giving the readers a perspective from other characters. The pace is frantic at times, to keep up with all the action.
“Motherfucker!” Chloe yelled, as Amanda charged at her. I jumped at Amanda, knocking her to the ground, before she reached Chloe. She flung me off her as if I was a rag doll, and punched me in the face, again...
I wish the pace would have slowed a bit spend time on the character of Peter Roman. While his past plays a big part in the story, I feel more of the character's history would have added more depth.

Besides that slight quibble, "Dark Exorcist" is a fun read for horror enthusiasts and another good book by this rising author.