February 3, 2014

The Darkness Waits by @WesJThomas

The Darkness Waits
Author: Wesley Thomas
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Price: $2.99

Sarah Adamson has finally been pushed to her breaking point after endless torment at the hands of her husband Clyde. So one day she packs up her things and heads to her home town, all the while worrying he may find her.

But she soon discovers a psychotic ex-husband is the least of her worries. When Clyde married Sarah he made a promise before god 'Until Death Do Us Part'.

But this is not just a promise of loyalty and fidelity, it's a malevolent threat. A threat that involves a clairvoyant, a priest with a dark side, and someone with a serious grudge and hunger for vengeance. Darkness never forgets, it waits.

Tha Darkness Waits is the second novel by the author. The premise of an abused woman being tortured by her past and other unseen forces is great, but the execution is flawed. The author switches from past to present and between characters so often that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up.

The pace of the novel is inconsistent.In some areas it feels as if he is afraid to slow down and let the reader come to terms with everything that's going on and instead rushes through a scene leaving me dizzy. On several occasions I had to go back a few pages read passages several times to keep track. At other times, the story slows to a crawl for the character to do mundane things. Sure it helps with developing the characters, but the important scenes with key moments and action should be the main focus and not rushed through.

Also in several instances her would switch to first person perspective which was jarring compared to the rest of the narrative. While formatting isn't usually a cause for concern, in this case it is.

The lack of separating paragraphs caused much confusion for me especially when the author hops from past to present.

The plot is good if a bit complicated and I feel the author bit off a bit more than he could handle as the strands of the plot snaked wildly throughout only to emerge as a haphazard incoherent experience.