January 23, 2014

The Nurse

The Nurse
Director:Robert Malenfant
Writer:Richard Brandes
Starring: Lisa Zane Janet Gunn John Stockwell
Rating: R
Running Time: 94 minutes
Genre: Drama|Horror|Thriller

A traumatized nurse plots revenge against a catatonic businessman, whom she blames for the death of her family, by integrated herself as his personal nurse and plots revenge by killing off his family members.

 "The Nurse"  is one of the films on the 19 Horror Movie Dvd Bundle. Coming into movie I expected it to be low budget shit thrown on the screen and well I was right.

The bad acting, minimal action, and boring plot make this a terrible movie that I bet was made for tv and never saw a theatrical release. The concept could be great if done right. You have a pissed off nurse seeking vengeance for her family's demise. Said nurse begins to take care of the man responsible for the death of her family and in return has access to his family.

This is where things should get fun and nasty, with the nurse extracting revenge in a number of hideous and clever ways, but with this film we get the boring run-of-the-mill shit.
In the end it's a predictable thriller made for tv audiences. For most horror lovers I'd recommend staying far away from this groan inducing film.