January 19, 2014

A Timely Curse by @dibartolojoseph

A Timely Curse
Author: Joseph DiBartolo
Format: E-book
Length: 88 pages
Price: $0.99

For William Danver, High School was a breeze, academically that is. Although he wasn't popular, at all, his real problem was at home.

His father Gary Danver was an abusive, sadistic man, who also happened to be the sheriff in their small town. Unable to get any help from the authorities, William vowed to protect his mother and little sister by any means necessary.

His wish to protect his family came in the form of a mysterious stranger, Alexander, who would change the boy's life forever. Was it a curse or a blessing he granted William with? And did he do this to help the boy protect his family or did he have his own selfish reasons?

William is a book smart teen who suffers at school and at home (thanks to his alcoholic father, Gary.). All the while a stranger watches the teen with a plan and a cure for the teen's problems.

While it is a good read, I feel it could have been better. The fact that the main character is a bookish character who comes upon power and uses it for revenge is entertaining, but cliche. Also the motivation behind Alexander helping the boy is a bit glossed over.

True the author mentions it but I feel if more insight(besides witnessing Gary's accident) was given into this mystery man's reason for helping maybe it would have added to the bond between William and Alexander.

Overall it's an entertaining read and clocking in at eighty eight pages makes it a quick read.