December 26, 2013

Bounty Killer

Director: Henry Saine
Writer: Jason Dodson
Rating: R
Run Time: 92 minutes
Genre: Action|Sci-Fi

The apocalypse began with corporations waging war upon each other. Sending armies to annihilate the competition brought the end of society. Now a select breed of outlaws roams the wasteland looking to dispatch these corporate white collar criminals as creatively and bloody as possible and in return they get the bounty.

Claiming to be a mixture of  Mad Max and Kill Bill, I came into the film not expecting much(I love Mad Max and Kill Bill, but this was a straight to DVD film that screamed low budget.).  To an extent, my expectations were correct but it wasn't all bad.

Christian Pitre is Mary Death; the top bounty killer in the wasteland. Her rival, Drifter, is closing the gap all the while hiding a secret about his past. These are the main characters in the film and their journey is the focus.  The plot isn't the strongest but for an action film it works, and most emphasis is placed on the kills.

The kills are inventive, and there's lots of blood and such which is good, but some of the CG sequences are poorly done and took me out of the moment. It has a few comedic moments thanks to the gun caddy(Barak Hadley).

Does it live up to the description of being a mixture of Mad Max and Kill Bill? 
English: Gary Busey in Almaty, Kazakhstan in O...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A little. In essence it takes the brutal creative action from Kill Bill and pair it with the setting of Mad Max. The  plot doesn't come close to matching those two films though.  

If you come in expecting a pure action movie with a lacking plot and lots of blood, then you will enjoy the experience. Also, I'll like to note the inclusion of  Gary Busey , Beverly D'Angelo, and Eve in the film. While their roles weren't huge it was nice to see them pop up. Especially Busey.(I'm a sucker for a Garey Busey cameo)

Thanks to Mike at partnershub for getting me a review copy of the film. It's greatly appreciated.