August 21, 2013

It's Dark Inside by Karen Heard( @misheardfiction )

Title: It's Dark Inside
Author: Karen Heard
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Format: E-book
Length: 124 pages
Price: $0.99

six tales that span the genres of ghost story, mystery, horror, and suspense. Some look back on dark times, others look forward to an apocalyptic future, and still others dwell on a terrible present – but they have one thing in common: they are all dark. Don’t expect happy endings or pleasant characters here, for there is something dark lurking in the shadows of each tale waiting to get out.

 Stories Included:

  • The Lighthouse: A Young girl abandoned in a flooded lighthouse must keep it functioning while trying to understand the reasoning of her parents leaving.                                                                                                              
The atmosphere and setting really make this story shine. I found myself  wondering why would her parents abandon her in such a place. Another idea that kept popping up while reading. Could there be more to this girl than what the author was describing? 

A great piece of writing and creepy but not my favorite of the collection.

  • Snap: A Journalist must photograph the dying moments of an entire species.
Elephants are slaughtered for their ivory tusks without sympathy and thought for the species. A Ban on Ivory still couldn't cull the mass killings, and now one lucky journalist has the ultimate job; to take a picture of the last animal of its kind.

I admit this story is dark and it caught me off guard but compared to the other stories  theme wise it doesn't fit. Regardless though it's a good read.

  • The Picture: A previous owner remains in his home,unable or unwilling to cross over, and experiences the disasters and triumphs of the new inhabitants.
I had to read this story twice in order to grasp what exactly is going(at least I think I understand the plot). An intriguing premise that falls short for me.

  • Out of Order: A woman is trapped in the small confined space of a train bathroom.While terrified of the dark small space, it's protection against the chaos and screams from outside; or is it?
Now this is more like it. I hate small enclosed spaces and  my pulse quickened with each sentence of this story. Her fear was real for me as I begged her not to leave the bathroom because outside was by the worst place to be.

  • The Promise: Words have power. every year the people of Farswar have a celebration and exchange simple wishes. A traveling businessman foreign to their tradition speaks before thinking and pays the price.
This is the best story in the collection by far that serves a lesson to be remembered. Think before you speak!

  • Inside: An abused woman is hiding from her tormentor in an abandoned house. She is driven to near insanity by scratching from within the walls.
An eerie tale that caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand. Creepy prose that twists and turns till your dizzy with suspense.

Overall this collection was a great read, with "The Promise" being the standout entry.