August 21, 2013

Car Nex by Terry M. West

Car Nex by Terry M. West
Title: Car Nex
Author: Terry M. West
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Format: E-book
Length: 20 pages
Price: $0.99

Pleasant Storm, Texas. 1965. A God-fearing family man finds an ancient book of secrets and is compelled to perform a blood ceremony. The Car Nex is brought into our dimension, and Hell is given form and fangs. Weapons will not slow it. Prayers will not stop it. It is coming. And it hungers.

"Car Nex" is a short story in the author's upcoming collection titled "WHAT PRICE GORY?". Offered as a free tasty tidbit, Mr. West has me eager to read more.

With "Car Nex" you get a fast paced read straight from hell that keeps you on the edge and will satisfy all your monster reading needs.