January 29, 2013

After the Snowfall by @bryanalaspa

After the Snowfall
Title: After the Snowfall: A Thriller
Author: Bryan W. Alaspa
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Format: E-book
Length: 124 pages
Price: $2.99


Death is coming to the small town of Darrick, Illinois. Dressed in black three strangers enter a city wrapped in snow and with them comes pain and suffering. Can the citizens of Darrick survive the blizzard and the three strangers?

"After the Snowfall" is the second book I've read from Mr. Alaspa and, while it's not horror, I found myself glued to the screen anticipating what fate the next page held for the citizens of Darrick. The author switches point of views throughout the story (some find this style of writing distracting) which helped develop the story and show what the different characters were doing.

How can I forget the storm itself. It plays a big part in the story and without it the suspense of the tale would be diminished.

"After the Snowfall: A Thriller" is a good psychological thriller well worth your time.