January 27, 2013

A Pack Of Wolves 2: Skyfall by @EricSBrown75 @GrandMalPress

A Pack of Wolves 2: Skyfall
Title: A Pack Of Wolves 2: Skyfall
Author: Eric S. Brown
Publisher: Grand Mal Press
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Format: E-Book
Price: $2.99

'Skyfall' reunites readers with 'The Farr Family' a hundred years in the future. Zed leads the group in a battle, to save humanity once again, against a race of deadly aliens.

While it's not how I expected from a follow up to "A Pack Of Wolves", Mr. Brown's sequel continued with the non-stop action, gore, great characters, and wit.

One thing I found odd was the lack of a certain Farr family member. I won't divulge too much information to avoid spoilers but the author never mentions the character, leaving his/her path from "A Pack OF Wolves" to "Skyfall" a mystery.

If you liked "A Pack Of Wolves", do yourself a favor and read this follow up.